Some Wonderful Ways that Christmas is Celebrated around the Globe.

Christmas is the birth of our Lord Jesus and is celebrated every 25th of December. In this time of joy families and friends come together to share in the happiness and cheer that this festival brings. Though it is observed all around the world, Christmas has a spectrum of traditions unique to each country and place.

So here are some of the large and small festivities from around the world..

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Being predominantly Catholic country Mexico kicks of the festivities with a Posada procession from the 16th December till Christmas Eve, in which children with candles along with persons dressed as Mary and Joseph, visit 9 Posadas or tents that are built along the road to represent the lodgings or inns that Mary and Joseph were rejected before the birth of Jesus. On Christmas Eve they reach the last Posada where they are finally allowed in and after putting Baby Jesus statue in place there is the Midnight mass which brings in the great feast of Christmas on the 25th after which they go home to the families to celebrate with a yummy Christmas dinner. Another fun tradition is beating the Piñata which is a seven horned shaped figure filled with sweets and is told to represent the seven deadly sins which is made into a children’s game where they are blindfolded and told to hit hard at the Piñata with a bat. Huge nativity scenes with life-size statues of Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, shepherds, the angel and the three kings are set up all around the country. Epiphany is also celebrated on the 6th of the January which is the feast of the Three Kings.  

In Mexico

‘Christmas Eve’ is called: Buena Noche and Christmas: Navidad. 

‘Merry Christmas’: Feliz Navidad!


In France Christmas is celebrated with small cribs made in homes filled with small clay figurines and other than the normal crib figures they also put a baker, a butcher, a policeman and priest. The French also have their version of Santa Claus called Père Noël and the Réveillon is the Christmas meal that is eaten after the midnight mass early morning on Christmas. In one tradition 13 desserts made from various fruits and nuts are eaten all at once.  

In France

‘Christmas’ is called: Noël

‘Merry Christmas’: “Joyeux Noël!” 


Although only 1 percent of people in China are Christian, still it is celebrated largely in the bigger cities. Still midnight masses are celebrated and people from other faiths also come just to see the festivities in the Churches.

A funny tradition that streams from the Carol: silent night which is called  “Ping'an Ye” or ‘peaceful night’ is that people gift each other apples wrapped in colorful wrapping paper because the word ‘apples’ in Mandarin sounds like the world for ‘peace’ 

In China

‘Christmas’ in Mandarin: Shèng dàn jié

‘Merry Christmas’ in Cantonese: “Seng Dan Fai Lok!”


In Canada Christmas is celebrated by people decorating their houses with lights and decorations as well as putting up Christmas Stockings near the fireplace for Santa to fill them with presents. There is a parade in Toronto one of the bigger cities, for Santa Claus who is said to originate in Canada. This parade is one of the largest and oldest parades in the world. A funny tradition that resembles that of carol singers visiting houses is that of Mummering which usually takes place in Newfoundland’s smaller towns and villages. Mummering includes people dressing up in costumes going house to house asking “Any Mummers allowed in?” after which the host has to guess who is behind the costumes and if they cannot, they too must join the mummers in their house visiting. With the immense French influence, even the Canadians celebrate with a huge Christmas Eve party they call Réveillon.

South Africa

Christmas in South Africa is summery and warm! Being in the southern hemisphere, the South Africans celebrate Christmas differently from other countries in the world when flowers are blooming. Since schools are closed camping is a fun Christmas activity. Singing carols in candlelight on Christmas Eve and attending Mass on Christmas day is the norm. On the afternoon on Christmas day families and friends go visiting each other or maybe for a swim since it is far from freezing time for them. 

In South Africa

‘Christmas’ in Africaans: Kersfees

‘Merry Christmas’ in Africaans: “Geseënde Kersfees”


Although only about 2.3 percent of the Indian population is Christian, celebrating festivals is always welcomed by the people. Midnight mass is very important and is celebrated with large numbers, including people from other faiths who come to join in the feast. Every Church is decorated with flowers and lights and has a crib with large statues. A long queue assembles towards the crib after mass to visit and kiss Baby Jesus. Christmas cake in India is traditionally filled with rum or another alcohol as well as baked with nuts and dried fruits. In India every Christian house puts out a large star shaped paper lantern with a bulb, in the windows that shines all throughout the Christmas season. Christmas has different types of celebrations across India with major chucks of Christians from Mumbai, Goa or Kerela the oriental states and other cities.

In India

‘Christmas’ in Konkani spoken in Goa: ‘Natala’

‘Merry Christmas’ in Hindi: “Śubh krisamas”

How do people in your country celebrate this great feast? Comment below…


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