Sri Lankan Newly Weds Under Probe For Using 250 Children ToHold Bride’s “Longest Saree”

A Sri Lankan couple broke grab hold the attention of the media as they deployed 250 school children to carry a 3.2km (2mile) long saree pallu of the bride’s wedding saree.  The saree was made to grab global attention and to set the Guinness World Record of world’s longest saree.  

The scene definitely grabbed the attention of Sri Lankan authorities as hundreds of female school students of Primary school were holding the saree as the couples walk on road, fully dressed up in wedding attires.

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The National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) launched an investigation on this incident which took place at Gannorua in Kandy. Marini De Livera, Chairperson of NCPA said that not only it was a violation of child rights but it itself is a very degrading act. “We are going all out because we don’t want this to become a trend” she added.  

The Education Ministry of Sri Lanka also spoke up. “What has happened is totally unacceptable,” S.S. Hettiarachchi, Secretary to the Ministry stated this. 

There became a huge public outrage and the picture went all over the internet, raising the question of child rights. The children should stay at school and be focused on their education. But instead often children are used to welcome celebrities and deployed in other unnecessary events. So before these kind of things become trends everywhere, the authority has all geared up taking strict actions.


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