Street Food in Kolkata You Cannot Miss

You can never miss out on eating when you are in Kolkata. Serenaded by the continuous honking, traffic, and hawkers, there is absolutely nothing better than trying out the local street foods in Kolkata and washing it down with a cup of chai in a bhaar.

Here's our guide to what you should eat and where. 

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1. Tiretta Bazaar in Sun Yat Sen Street

This place is utterly famous for its authentic Chinese breakfast and no, it’s not just momos! You can get the widest variety of  dim sums, Chinese sausage, fishball noodle soup, pao and various other mouth-watering treats are sold by local vendors to make your experience a memorable one.

2. Gariahat

Phuchka, Bhelpuri, Jhalmuri, Papri Chat- Gariahat is indeed the hub for street food of this sort apart from being a shopper’s paradise. Every nook and corner of Gariahat till Vivekananda Park has a vendor selling these mouth-watering romantic mix of flavor and love!

3. Maa Kali Store in New Market 

If you are craving sandwiches, head to New Market. It hosts a variety of sandwiches ranging from Rs.50 to Rs.100. The best part about this small food joint is its humility when it comes to serving. All the ingredients are fresh with no added flavor. You can also opt for soft buns if you don’t like your sandwich grilled.

4. Park Street and Park Circus

Kathi Rolls define the culture of street food in Kolkata. Zeeshan in Park Circus serves one of the best kathi rolls. They  are reasonably priced, and loaded with a gunpowder filling of spices! Nizam and Kusum are also popular kathi roll joints in the city.

5. Paramount

This is one of the oldest sherbet joint in Kolkata. It is there since 1918! This little cafe is situated just beside college square. This place boasts of various celebrities loving their milkshakes. The malai sherbets and the Coconut serbert are the best choice if you are having a difficult time choosing from their extensive menu!

6. Balaram Mallick

A very staple Bengali breakfast consists of Kochuri and Alur Torkari. It is a comfort food to almost everybody in the city of joy. Top this heavy breakfast,  a gilipi is perfect! If you are feeling local, you can try kochuri at every sweet shop you come across!



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