Sujata Bajaj Brings Ganpati to Kolkata

Sujata Bajaj is a recognized international artist who lives between France, India and Dubai. Married to a Norwegian, she is also deeply connected to Norway, where she exhibits and finds inspiration. She is firmly established as an abstract painter, but has a special relation with the Lord of Beginning- Ganapati.

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The success of her first Ganapati show convinced Sujata to explore the theme yet deeper and to make the book you are soon going to see.

When we study Sujata’s different ways of handling the form of Ganapati, the first thing we sense is the formidable energy that her art works unleash, and this represents very much the artist herself.

She is in fact imbued with a sovereign energy that seems capable of vanquishing all constraints and this has allowed Sujata Bajaj to forcefully embrace both the secular essence of modern art and the more spiritually laden Indian cultural heritage in one powerful artistic movement. Ganapati is as old as our Indian myths can be, Sujata with her sweeping brush and vivid palette makes him contemporary to us, spectators of the 21st century. This is Sujata’s strength.

The explanation to such a determination is to be found in Sujata’s personal relation to the form. As she says “Ganapati is and has been a perennial source of inspiration. Here I have walked on the promenade of time, unleashed my memories – of colour, of childhood influences, of Ganapati, and the essence of my life juxtaposed against my work.”

And there is also an element of playfulness, possibly inspired by Ganapti himself as we know him. Because Sujata’s plays with the mediums, shecrosses boundaries as she lets her cherished form inhabit seemingly effortless sketches, subtle etching collages, vibrant paintings, and potent sculptures. This is of course a challenge she imposes on herself, but again she emerges as the victor, as we all can see and admire.

Sujata’s artistic struggle – true art is always the result of a struggle at some level  -  with the theme of Ganapti has lasted over 3 decades which in itself is a rare, very rare  example of commitment and persistence in the world of art. This book has taken more than 3 years to make.

Sujata’s book on Ganapati has already been launched in several cities both in India and overseas.  In Rome the renowned art historian Professor Francesco Buranelli, former Director of the Vatican Museum said: “Sujata is not an ordinary artist. Sujata is, indeed, a great artist who, commencing from what she learnt from western art, is returning something new to that western art.Those colours are returned by Sujata to western art enriched by her cultural baggage, her civilization, her optimism towards life. It is like the rise of a new day, like the rising of a sun shining upon the world, a world in which Ganesh dominates and protects mankind.”

Another admirer of Sujata and her work, the-well known French writer and critic Jean-Claude Carriere who recently was awarded an Oscar for his life time achievement has these words to describe her art:

“It is a strange order, unfamiliar, hidden, that reveals itself slowly through the pathways of chaos, an order that is neither geometric nor balanced, not even set to a certain motion in time, an order made up of contrasts, of clashes and unexpected echoes, but an order nevertheless.”

Jagriti Art Initiative, Kolkata is happy to extend this proactive platform to Sujata Bajaj for the launch of this book, followed by an art exhibition.  The book launch is at ITC Sonar  on 17th February, 2018 and the Art Exhibition is at Birla Academy of Art & Culture from 20th to 22nd February 2018.



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