The “Most Valuable” Bull in India Loves Drinking Whiskey

Every once in a while we all enjoy a nice cap of whiskey in the evening. But here’s a 6 foot tall companion who could give us some surprising company.

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Sultan is a well trained and extremely large 8 year old bull that weighs a tonne.

Sultan’s owner earns about Rupees 1 crore per year by selling his semen (sperm). Since the owner makes so much of a profit from this, they love to indulge their special pet in its absolute “hobby” (more like an addiction) of whiskey drinking.

Besides Sultan enjoying a nice amount of whiskey every evening, he also eats 14 kilograms of apples, 19 kilograms of carrots, 10 kilograms grains and 10 kilograms of greens as well as loads of milk. Of course the bill is tolerated gladly because of the immense yields.

Well taken care of Sultan has to be the luckiest bull in India!


Fun fact: Sultan has calves! The best part is his baby calves are all healthy despite of alcohol drinking, they do not seem to have any requirement themselves of an kind of alcohol.


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