The Blue Plaque Makes a Comeback

Bengal’s French connection is making a comeback and it might be a cool experience you are in for. The momentous blue plaque is soon to make its way for homecoming in Bengal after a break of five long years. Bengal has seen the tradition of blue enamel plaques since the British era. It was done to honor names of lanes and buildings of historical importance.

Thanks to the hard work of the West Bengal Heritage Commission, the revisit of the plaques will restore Bengal’s connection with France and England - the two countries where blue plaques are still being frequently installed. From February, the Commission aims to install the new plaques at seven heritage buildings in the heart of Chandernagore that have a French association.

The history of the blue plaques go way back in history. It was a trend started by the Britishers and still continued post the independence era. The trend of putting up blue plaques was put an end to in Bengal due to “technical reasons” which are not known. Sur Enamel which was erstablished in 1914 and had been a supplier of these special plaques across India, said. They have been the nleading manufacturing unit for the last 80 years. These plaques will be ready  to be out on the streets by February.

Efforts are also being made to replace the existing steel ones with the new plaques. The first seven recipients would be the Sacred Heart Church, Rakshit Bhavan, Library Gate, Registry Office, Kanailal Vidyamandir, Kanailal Vidyamandir French section and Chandernagore College.

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