The Blue Whale Challenge a Suicide Online Game leads 130 Disturbed Teens across the World to Commit Suicide

Teenagers of various ages are obsessed with challenges and daring games. Even online games in this age are millions in numbers, and there have been, even in the recent past, deaths among young people, occurring and while playing these games. In spite of it though, none of these games have never intentionally being aimed at taking the lives of the players, they were all accidents that occurred while playing these games.  
So what how is the blue whale challenge any different? What is the blue whale challenge?
The name “blue whale challenge” came from the concept of blue whales that beach themselves on purpose, leading to their death.
The Blue Whale challenge is a game or challenge that spans over 50 days, in which each day, one task or dare has to be completed. The fifty challenges each day are provided by an unknown ‘admin’ who instructs you what your task for each day is. The players are made to give proof that they have completed each task and they do, by taking photos and videos. 
Seems harmless, right? WRONG! The challenges that players are made to do start simple and ‘easy’ but progressively become harsher. For example players’ first challenges involve waking up at odd hours watching scary videos and depressing songs sent by the admin, write a status on social media about being a ‘whale’.  The middle portion of tasks is worse, enticing the players to harm themselves by cutting a whale shape or some message into their arms or legs. They are also encouraged to cut their lips and stand atop high dangerous places like tops of roofs, buildings or bridges. The last section of tasks is simply gruesome, when they are asked to speak to other ‘whales’ first through video chat and then meeting, after this they are ‘told’ by the admin the date selected for their death. They are made to visit railroads, and not to speak to anyone one for days give an oath about being a whale and finally on the last day made to kill themselves before which they have to post an image before their death on social media captioning “end”. 
Who, you might ask, created this sickening game? 
Created in Russia, this game was invented by 22 year old Philipp Budeikin, from Russia in 2013. And when asked why he created this horrible inhumane game he was quoted as saying that he was trying to ‘cleanse’ the world of these particular persons who he claims to be ‘biological waste’. He also claimed that he was ‘helping’ these young people and that they were “happy to die”.
Budekin’s was arrested on the grounds of enticing teens to take their own lives, but he was only accounted for 17 persons and sentenced to only 3 years in prison. Despite his arrest the game is still prevailing and has now claimed the lives of about 130 lives of disturbed or depressed teens, including a 14 year boy from Mumbai from Andheri (E) who jumped off a seven story building.    
Psychologists who have studies this phenomenon suggest that Budekin used psychological manipulation to get these vulnerable teens that had a lot of disturbing things happening in their homes like parental negligence and he gave them the attention they lacked and wanted and therefore had them hooked on him and everything he asked them to do.  
Although there are various organizations like the Samaritans from the UK are trying to control the situation, it really comes down to each house, each family, and each child. We hope that you look after and protect your children and other loved ones from associating with online games and challenges like this one.

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