The Nose Hair Extension Trend is Going Viral A F This 2017.

2017 is all about weirdest makeup ins. And all these wacky makeup are becoming trend after getting viral on social media. 

A lot of experiments have been done with hairs this year; such as the squiggle eyebrows, dragon eyebrows, feather eyebrows, glitter hair and so much to name. And this is the craziest and weirdest of all: The nose hair extension!

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C’mon, we all have natural nose hair. And the human anatomy has not provided our nose hairs long enough to give it a nice flaunt.

Furthermore, we are not used to see some creepy hairs extending their furs out of the nose and covering our upper lips. And making that a trend was perhaps the last crappiest thing left to do on this planet. But the social media beauty maniacs didn’t gave a mercy to the nose.

The social media is flooded with nose hair extension makeup and fashion trend. Perhaps the trend was started for fun, but sooner it became a trend and people posting their cute pictures ruined by spider like hair extensions creeping out from the nostrils.

Creating this look is simple. Either you curl out your nose hairs out of nose as much as possible or simply cut fake eyelashes and curl it round and stick it on the nostrils. Next step, pretend you are looking cute in it and then post in on the social media.

Not only from the outer appearance, but it’s not a good idea to wear it on a daily basis. Imagine the fake hairs going inside the nostrils while inhaling. Or falling out on to your food or other important stuffs!

Hope people should gain back their consciousness and limit this trend for fun purposes only.



08 Nov 2017 04:45 PM

I agree! Also it's so gross, not cute at all!

Keen Aj

17 Nov 2017 09:40 PM

Never heard of this trend. But your posts are very informative.

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