The Race of the Solar Cars Hit the Roads and Deserts of Australia.

This year’s The World Solar Challenge has begun and it’s already hitting Australian road. Around 42 solar cars participated in the race.

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The race is from the Northern City of Darwin to the Southern City of Adelaide. This tropical north to the Southern shore journey covers around 3000 km (1864 miles) and is expected to take approx. 7 days to complete the entire journey with the speed of 90-100 kmh entirely powered by solar energy. 

Participants are from all corners of the world. United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia, Belgium, India, Thailand, Turkey, Poland, Hong Kong, Germany, Chile, Japan, Iran, Netherlands, Taiwan, Australia and Canada were among the participants.

Lauren Moss, The Northern Territory Minister for Tourism and Culture says, “Innovation is at the heart of the event and the technology showcased this year will influence continuing solar innovation for vehicles and householders in the future” 

The object behind this solar car race is to promote researches on solar power cars and vehicles. Teams are mainly from universities and enterprises.


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