These Rainbow Freckles are the New Trendsetter This Season

Let’s be honest, freckles are sexy, it’s eye-catching. For those with natural freckles adds more beauty to your skin than anything else. In fact fake freckles are also out on the market. But rainbow freckles are on trend which can be made easily at home. The trend can be seen all over the social media now. 

Add splashes of colours as freckles. All you need is coloured liquid or gel eyeliner and a fine brush. Apply those colours on to your face so that it looks like freckles. And there you go!

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• You can play with Shades of one colour.


• You can also play with multiple colours.

• It suits with any skin tone.

• You can play with it in your own way.

• How about a frosty frozen look?

• Colours that will match with your soul.

If you can carry this style then go for rainbow freckles! Colour up your skin.


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