This Navratri Look Super Stylish with these 6 Steps

Yes, Navratri is coming! And you all are probably in a state of confusion regarding Navratri glam ups. Perhaps lots of planning is going on in mind, but none of it is getting thumbs up! Navratri is not only about performing religious ceremonies; it’s also about fun, fashion, festivities, food, funky dance moves and much more. 

Do not worry about what to wear these 9 days, as you can glam up your entire look with these simple tips:

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1. Sparkle and Shine

From makeup to clothes, Rule no. 1 is : Shine! Navratri means colours and light. Wear sparkly clothes that match with your skin tone. Do not wear too sparkly clothes that can hide your face. For make ups you can apply highlighters because it’s slaying this season all over the internet and it’s perfect for festivals and Navratri party.

2. Go for light jewelleries

Heavy jewelleries can really hurt your entire face; neck and shoulders, within a few hours after you put those on. You can go for customised jewellery dupes. Or if you can carry, you can go for stones and gems. Don’t forget body jewelleries! 

3. Bright Colours are always on fleek

Bright colours define Navratri festival. Wouldn’t it be fun if you get all the attention? Be bold to choose vibrant colours and shine throughout the Navratri.

4. Traditional with twists

Bored of same style traditional clothes? Why don’t you make a come-back with a twist? You can wear colourful lehenga sarees, or bright coloured palazzos, dhoti pants and angrakhas.

5. Temporary Tattoos

Apart from mehendis, you can also have some temporary tattoos on your bodies. It will be a perfect body accessory this season.

6. Waterproof Makeup

Now that’s very important. You are about to party the whole Navratri days. And you would never want to touch up to your makeup every 10 minutes. So don’t forget to wear waterproof makeup all locked up with a makeup setting spray. 

So this Navratri look super stylish with these 6 steps. And you are all set to rock the Navratri festive season. 


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