This Young Boy’s Gesture for Cleanliness in the Jaipur Metro is touching

Everyone wants a clean space to live and travel in, but when it comes to being proactive and helping control garbage disposal, everyone is lazy or just does not care.

But a young boy called Pranjal Dubey was different. One of the commuters, Mr. Sunil Choudhary captured a wonderful moment on camera. Pranjal was about to eat lunch while on the train and when he reached for his water bottle he dropped his lunchbox on the floor, spilling its contents on to the floor. The other commuters were highly annoyed assuming he train would for the rest of the day be filthy due to the accident. But what Pranjal did next surprised everyone. He got on the floor and first cleared the food with a page he tore from his notebook after which he cleaned up the remainder using his handkerchief.

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The commuters including Mr. Sunil Choudhary were extremely shocked and utterly proud of this young boy’s sense of responsibility. Asking him his name, Mr. Chowdhary thanked him after which he got off the metro. 

Huge campaigns like Swachh Bharat are necessary but the minds set of the people in the country have first to change and only after this happens will running these campaigns work. 

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