Tickle Your Taste Buds with 10 Best Street Foods of Kolkata

One just not simply calls Kolkata as The City of Joy. Without any doubt one can affirm a Bengali’s temptation towards food. From their very own Bengali dishes made with utmost love to experiment various cuisines in restaurants and munching on to street side stalls, the Bong foodies are adept at anything and everything related to food and eating.

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Kolkata is best known for its pocket-friendly lifestyle. And for Kolkatans, street foods hold much value than anything else. It’s inexpensive, tasty and can be a catalyst to all your ‘addas’ and hangouts. Be it an early morning breakfast or a lunch break in college and offices, street foods of Kolkata will always save you from hunger. At any time of the clock, it’s there for you to rescue you from food emergency.

A perfect companion for evening walks, romantic outing with loved ones, leisurely conversations with friends, and gossip with colleagues and besties; the street food of Kolkata is always your food partner. The street food stalls in Kolkata generally gets opened from the early morning, serving people from time to time: starting from breakfast, lunch, brunch to evening snacks and dinner.

You can find food stalls almost everywhere in Kolkata, hawkers and vendors lining up their food stalls mostly near school, college and office premises. But also you can find food stalls near railway stations, hospitals, shopping areas and on popular places. 

The street Foods of Kolkata are extremely delicious and mouth-watering. It comes with different flavours, and various method of cooking. Milk based sweets to fried spicy, tangy, hot treats; the City of Joy can fill in your tummy with anything delicious.

So let’s see some of the best street foods of Kolkata that are always ready to serve you a mouthful of goodness: 

1. Phuchka

Basically it’s the Pani Puri or golgappa that’s known as phuchka in Kolkata. It’s the most iconic dish of the city. Crispy on the outside and spicy potato filled inside with a bit sour tangy tamarind water. When you put it in the mouth, you will experience the tangy spice burst. Phuchka maniacs stand in a queue and wait for to be served a mouthful of spicy water-ball.

Image Credit : Oh Kolkata

2. Jhalmuri 

The quickest recipe to be served anywhere on the streets; yes it’s the Jhalmuri. Jhalmuri is basically spiced up puffed rice. Mix some chopped onions, peanuts, tomatoes, a little bit of potatoes, coriander, chillies and spices. Toss it till it mixes up well and there you go. Oh, yes, you can make it your way, and can also add a little bit of mustard oil and sprinkle chopped coconuts to make it spicier and crunchier.

Image Credit : Oh Kolkata

3. Churmur

Another spicy tangy street food that’s mostly found on the phuchka stalls. So instead of putting spicy mashed potato inside the phuchka, crush the phuchka coating and mixed it with the potato. Add spices, coriander, chopped onions, little bit of tamarind pulp and its ready.

Image Credit : Oh Kolkata

4. Channar Jilipi

So it’s a Jalebi with more twists. The jalebi, here known as jilipis are made of cottage cheese. It’s soft, sweet, chewy and thicker than normal jalebis or jilipis. You can’t have just one if you already had a bite of it.

Image Credit : Oh Kolkata

5. Shingara

Shingara in Kolkata and in rest of India, it’s generally known by the name samosa. It’s also one of the most popular snacks of not only in Kolkata but of India. Shingara or Samosa is fried or baked dish with generally potato stuffing. It’s served hot. And it goes well with puffed rice, i.e. the muri, hot cup of tea and loads of adda.

Image Credit : Oh Kolkata

6. Kathi Rolls

Kathi Rolls is perfect for any occasion. It’s like a burrito. Paratha stuffed with any filling that you like to put it in. Generally plain veggies, fried egg, chicken, paneer, kebab meat are stuffed inside. It’s a good stomach filling food which comes with so many different choices. It’s served hot, and you can devour onto it whenever you like.

Image Credit : Oh Kolkata

7. Keemar Doi Bora  - Dahi Bada

The meat Dahi bada is a special dish of Kolkata on which you can munch on. It’s a type of meat dahi bada. And it’s dipped in sweet doi or dahi. The entire dish is then sprinkled with cinnamon, cumin, black mustard seeds, pinch of red chilli powder and fenugreek. If you wanna taste something unique, on the streets of Kolkata, then Keemar Doi Bora is the right choice for you.

Image Credit : Oh Kolkata

8. Kochuri and Aloor Dum or Luchi – Aloor Dum

The apt snack for every Bengali. Mostly it’s been made in every Bengali household. But if you missed it at home, you can get them on the streets too. A perfect combo food for breakfast and lunch. Luchi is basically Kachori and Aloor Dum is Dum aloo which is made with potatoes and spices.

Image Credit : Weeknd Bites

9. Ghugni Chaat

Spicy yellow peas mixed perfectly with finely chopped onions, lime juice, tomatoes and extra spices can fit into your any mood. It’s most popular street food of The City of Joy. It’s served hot and is generally known as Ghoogni Chaat on the streets.

Image Credit : Oh Kolkata

10. Telebhaja

The word telebhaja means ‘fried in oil’. Generally you can fry any veggies or meat in oil with cornflour or besan coating. In Kolkata, you will mostly find aloo chop – fried potato coated with cornflour batter, Pyeaji – made with onions, Beguni – that is eggplant. Its feels awesome with puffed rice.

Image Credit : Oh Kolkata


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It's very very delicious and mouth watering😊😊😊

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