Tips to Fight Against Cold Naturally.

Winter is on the way, and it reminds us of two things which are paradoxical: winter party and winter disease. Some common winter diseases are cold and cough, sore throat, cold sores, dry skin and so on. And it seems like these diseases tries to stay on to our body for a longer period of time. And by the time we try out lots of medicines and antibiotics, the fever spreads all over.

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Hence it’s better to prevent than to cure it. And even if you catch cold one should immediately start some natural medication. It helps to reduce the pain and irritability as much as possible. Natural remedies also cure it faster and make you feel better naturally.

So let’s see how you can combat cold naturally

1. Blow Your Nose

Blow your nose often. Do not inhale it back. That might cause ear pain. And you need to push all the germs and bacteria out along with your mucus. Do not sniff the mucus back in your head. The more you clear your nose, the more you will feel better.

2. Stay warm

Try to stay warm and cosy. Do not expose yourself under cold dry air. Wear full sleeve comfy clothes and whenever you sleep, try to sleep with the blankets on. That does not mean you have to wear neck tight body hugging clothes. That will surely make you feel uncomfortable. Switch off or turn down the volume of the fan speed and it’s better to turn off the AC or Cooler system completely.

3. Gargle regularly

A salt water gargle can sooth your throat. It soothes a scratchy, itchy or sore throat temporarily. Mix one-fourth to half a teaspoon of salt in six ounces of warm water and gargle, repeat this at least four times a day. It will help soothe your sore throat.

4. Drink Hot Liquids often

Sip some warm liquids often, like hot tea, herbal tea, soup and lukewarm water. It soothes your itchy throat; make you feel warm and comfortable.

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5. Bathe in steamy shower

Steamy bath will keep you warm and cosy. Moreover, it will moisten your skin and nose, which will help to moisturize your nasal passages thereby making you feel more relaxed. Steamed shower bath is always a good option even if you are not sick. And when you are having a cold, it is very effective way to relieve the irritation to a great extent.

6. Always stay hydrated

Hydration will keep you healthy. During cold it’s obvious you will have fever as well. And it results in draining of water from your body. Better stay hydrated. It will retain your nutrients, keep blood circulation going. In case of severe cold, have lukewarm water. You can also sip on to juice, warm lemon water, soup or clear broth.



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