Tired of the Social Media? Motorola is Back with Its Flip Phone Which Can Save You from Social Media Addiction

Modern day smartphones are coming with loads of quickest facilities for accessing the social media apps. Modern day era is literally lost within the virtual world of social media. However, there are plenty of youngsters including you who often do sometimes think to get rid of the social media.

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On that note, Motorola has come up with its old school Smartphone, which looks like the classic Motorola RAZR and the name has been changed to Binatone Blade.

Its ideal for those who needs a handy phone with no social media apps. However this, old style flip phone will be having basic internet browsing facility. Just like the old style, it will be having features like ‘Alarm’, ‘Stopwatch’, ‘Calculator’, ‘Unit Conversion’ etc.

It supports MP3 Player and dual SIM. The dual SIM includes one micro SIM and one mini SIM. 

This phone is actually made by the company Binatone and has licensed this design by Motorola. The Blade is thinner than the RAZR flip phone and comes with three colours: Black, red and rose gold.


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