Tom Alter Diagnosed With Stage 4 Bone Cancer.

Tom Alter, the Indian actor who is originally of American descent was reported to be diagnosed with the 4th stage of Bone Cancer. The news was further confirmed by his son Jamie Alter. Tom Alter was discharged from Mumbai hospital recently. 

His son Jamie confirmed that his father Tom Alter is suffering from Bone Cancer and that it is on the 4th Stage. Last week Tom was admitted to a city hospital as he complained of “body pain”. Tom’s son confirmed this news, which was earlier considered rubbish rumours by Sayeed Alam, his long-time collaborator and playwright. 

Tom Alter actually felt sick one year ago and he was unable to turn up for his play based on singer KL Saigal. The film which he was planning to direct was put on a hold and promotional event of his upcoming show was also recently cancelled. 

Tom Alter is a very talented actor, theatre artist and has played his role on Hindi, English, Malayalam movies and TV series. Tom is noted for his films like ‘Kranti’, ‘Sardar’, ‘Yaha Ke Huum Sikandar’ and so on.

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