Top 10 Best Hookah Parlours You Can Enjoy in Kolkata

With the city growing in a faster pace, it also caters the best hangout places. The City of Joy, Kolkata is no way an exception. Nightclubs, Pubs, Luxury Restaurants, Bars are springing up all over. And Hookah parlours were not that much in number compared to what it is now. Due to much exposure now hookah parlours are available in almost all the corners of the town at standard prices. So let’s check some of the best hookah parlours you can enjoy in Kolkata.

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1. Aqua Java Decibel  

Located in CIT Road, Kankurgachi, this place is highly known for its amazing ambiance choices of foods along with your favourite flavour of hookahs. Friendly staffs, good music and vegetable based cuisines –what else is required to enjoy your smoke? Probably some good people to hang out with.

2. The Dugout

It has till now two outlets in Kolkata. One is in the Sarat Bose Road and the other one is in the Southern Avenue. The staffs are courteous.  Foods as expected: Amazing. And what’s interesting is the decor. It has got Live Sports Screening and got a football themed room decor.

3. The Firefly 

Enjoy risotto, cheese corn balls, Crispy chilli babycorn along with the hookahs. And for your extra comfort, the place has, Live music, Board Games, Dance Floor, Pool Table, Karaoke and a hot and happening ambiance.

4. Afraa Salt Lake 

You will find air-conditioned section and an open air section. You are free to choose anything. Located in Salt Lake City, the Afraa offers you a pleasant city view. The ambiance is pretty quiet and you can easily get the breezy air and a relaxed time. Sip on to exclusive cocktails and smoke on to your most favourite hookahs.

5. Katerpillar

It’s in Sector I, Salt Lake. The Katerpillar offers a good service and a nice ambiance. If you want to spend some less money and enjoy to the fullest, then this might be the perfect place for you.  You will have lots of choices on hookah at an affordable price. From X on the Beach, Kahchi Kerry to Arabian Nights, Silver Nights you will got pretty interesting flavours here.

6. Zucca Lounge

Southern Avenue’s one of the most popular place is this Zucca Lounge. It has got a pretty standard price of Hookah and its totally a worth it watching the roof top city view. On hookahs, you will get your choices under Zucca Regular, Zucca Exotic and Zucca Special Categories. Enjoy your evening with your shisha and a spectacular roof top city view. Moments you will never forget!

7. Hit Wicket

It’s located in Ballygunge. Another outlet has been recently opened in Salt Lake City. As you can guess from the name, the ambiance is a sporty one. With astounding lightings and aura this place surely hits the wicket in terms of Theme, decor, Foods and Hookahs. From normal fruit flavour to ‘Jannat ka Wow’ you name it you will get it.

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8. Cafe 360 Degree

Location: Inside Broadway Mall, Salt Lake City. It’s undoubtedly very popular for the one and only Hookah. On the side dish you will be getting Cafe, Chinese, Fast Food and Continental Dishes. And altogether it costs pretty decent. A pocket friendly Hookah parlour at a lovely ambiance. Grab your time and go for a hangout.

9. Noir

Rooftop parlour, great city view, pool side seating, rocking swing seating, cool breeze of Mother Nature –all at a very affordable price. It’s located on the rooftop of Hotel Golden Tulip at Salt Lake City. Enjoy the hookah and the pool side rooftop view all at once.

10. What’s Up

One of the most happening places on town. Where is What’s Up? Well it’s in Southern Avenue, Kolkata. Outdoor seating, drinks are waiting for you with your choice of hookah.  Grab your food, cocktails and have a smoke as you see the city from the rooftop.


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