Top 10 Most Beautiful Churches in the World

Architecture is really a wonderful profession. People dream up beautiful buildings which are then actually built and can become wonderful spectacles of human creation. It seems people who build places of worship are even more blessed as some of the most beautiful buildings in the world are some of these. Churches started getting built in 230 AD and the first ever ‘proper’ church was Saint Georgeous which is said to have housed 70 of Jesus Christ’s disciples.  

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Of course I believe that God is present everywhere, as long as two or three are gathered in His name, but still, here are just a few of the most exquisite churches in the world.

1. Las Lajas Cathedral

A wonderful Church built inside the canyon of the Guáitara River in Colombia also known as a sanctuary, because of its history that begins with a Amerindian woman and her deaf/mute daughter who while trying to escape a storm felt a strong urge to enter a cave on the exact same spot of the now built church in which they saw an apparition of Mother Mary. What’s more is the little girl was cured of her ailment and word of this miracle spread throughout the country after which many pilgrims came to visit and receive the graces and curing of this blessed Church.

2. Cathedral of Our Lady

This superb Roman Catholic Church is located in Antwerp, Belgium and still stands strong after its unfortunate history wherein it was destroyed by Protestants and soon fell under the Protestants administration in 1581 and even after this was further ravaged by the French revolutionaries in 1794. Despite all this devastation, the cathedral was reconstructed in the 19th century and still stands today.

3. St. Peter’s Basilica

Known to every Roman Catholic in the world this wonderful Church is home to the body of the Blessed Saint Peter, as he was one of the disciples of Jesus made into the first bishop and so the first pope. St. Peter’s has a lot of pilgrims flocking to it because of its immense history and beauty.

4. Sagrada Familia

By the looks of it, this Roman Catholic Church situated in Barcelona, Spain which started construction in 1822, is still under construction and was said in 2013 that construction will be completed only after the next 13 or so years.  Despite the fact that it is half-wrapped in scaffolding and other building materials, it is still a UNESCO World Heritage site and is visited by over 3 million people every year. This is due to its incredible interior and marvelous pillars that closely resemble tree trunks.

6. The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Built in 1883 Soviet Russia, its history is similar to the death and resurrection of Christ himself as this Cathedral witnessed completed destruction in 1931 by the Soviet Union when it was blasted to make way for ‘Palace of Soviets’- a monument that was never raised coincidentally. Finally in 2000, the Cathedral was resurrected by Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov who joined forces with the Orthodox Church, and was based on the previous original designs of the cathedral.

7. Thorncrown Chapel

This Church unusual as it may seem is one of the most beautiful ones in the world. Situated in Arkansas, USA this sacred place is covered almost entirely by glass, with approximately 425 windows. Visited by millions of people year round this Church has also won several architecture awards and is particularly stunning in the daytime when the sun brings in loads of light-play which is truly a wonderful sight.

8. Hallgrímskirkja

This modern Lutheran church was built in Reykjavík, Iceland and it stands 244 feet high- the tallest church in Iceland. A contemporary church which was completed in 1986, it has an expressionistic architectural style and is used for two purposes: the obvious one being prayer and it’s also being used as an observation tower. The unique design of the church is closely resembled as the basalt column which is a common sight in the country.

9. Duomo di Milano

This incredible Church is one of the most extravagant in the world. Placed in the wonderful city of Milan in Italy this huge Basilica took six centuries to complete construction! One of the 5 largest churches in the world which also has the highest amount of statues, this church also has a relic, one of the nail that was pierced through Jesus’ arm during his crucifixion which is on one of the high altars inside the Basilica and can be recognized by the bright red light bulb placed on the altar.

10. St. Paul’s Cathedral

This church which is one of the biggest tourist spots in the big apple that is New York City is a sight for sore eyes. Like many churches on this list this one also has a history of terrorist acts and this time it was the communists who went against it in 1914 with a bomb blast in the corner of the cathedral, after which all those in and around the place panicked. Luckily, no one was affected by the bomb except a small boy whose head was slightly scratched by a flying piece of metal. But despite all this, it still stands tall at 330 feet high and beautiful as ever with its astonishing 2,800 stained glass panels which are truly mesmerizing. 

Weren’t they simply breath-taking? Have you been to any of these churches? Which one would you definitely want to visit? 



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