Top 7 Most Iconic Forts in India.

India has a rich and long history and the monuments like its palaces and forts are a major part of it. Our past is filled with monarchs and other capturing states and kingdoms and building monuments like forts as a statement of ownership. Then there are fables, romance sagas and other stories that surround these incredible structures. India has countless number of forts and each one has artistry of the area in which it was built. Let’s look at some of India’s most regal forts.

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1. Red Fort, Delhi

This exquisite fort that is situated in the country’s capital is a UNESCO World heritage site. Also called the Lal Quila this fort was created by the Moghul Emperor- Shah Jahan in 1648 because the emperor decided to shift his capital from Agra to Delhi. It is built out of red sandstone, took 10 years to complete construction and has the river Yamuna running alongside it. 

2. Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan
Another UNESCO World Heritage site, this fort is the largest fort in India and Asia. It was built by the Maurya Empire rulers and spans across 2.8 kilometers and includes 22 water bodies. There is a lot of bloody history in this fort including the legend of Padmavati who was the Queen of Chittor who burnt herself in the funeral fire to escape having to marry the ruler of the Khalji dynasty of Delhi Sultanate, Allaudin Khilji. There is a palace built in her honor inside the compound of the fort called Padmavati’s Palace and it is a beautiful white structure that has 3 storeys. 

3. Gwalior Fort, Madhya Pradesh

This sandstone beauty was built by Raja Man Singh Tomar in the 15th century and was at one point called the most invincible fort in northern and central India. With a history of changing dynasties and rulers including the Mughals, the Marathas and even the British, this little fort has gone through a lot. A special feature aside from the incredible water tanks, palaces and temples is the 5 groups of Jain Tirthankara sculptures. In one of the palaces called the Man Singh Palace it is believed that the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb was imprisoned and later murdered his brother Murad in the same location.

4. Amber Fort, Rajasthan

Also Built by Raja Man Singh along with Mirza Raja Jai Singh and Sawai Jai Singh, this stunning fort has an architectural style that blends Hindu and Muslim influences. A place with a past of betrayal this place was captured by the Rajputs and made into their residence hence it is also called the Amber Palace because of its lavish appearance and apartments. Although construction started in 1592 there were constant changes and alterations according to each current ruler until 1600.

5. Agra Fort, Uttar Pradesh

This splendid fort was built in 1573 by one of the most powerful and popular Mughal emperors- Akbar. It was the primary residence of the Mughal emperors until 1638 when the Mughal Dynasty moved its capital to Delhi after which it lost its popularity. This fort has a semicircle shape from an overhead view and stretches across 2.5 kilometers. Akbar ordered the red sandstone and brought it all the way from Rajasthan to build up the fort, but Shah Jahan during his reign brought down many of the blushing red structures inside the fort, because he had a special fascination for white buildings. There are said to be several secret passages and rooms that can lead you to any place you need to go in the fort.

6. Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

This spectacular fort was built somewhere in between the 12th and the 16th century by several Qutub Shahi rulers. This fort experienced a lot of diamond trading and it is believed that the Kohinoor diamond was found here. The architecture of this fort is simply astounding and its designs included advanced acoustics making it possible to hear someone clapping from the entrance called the Fateh Darwaza to another part of the fort, the pavilion which is a kilometer away.

7. Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan
Built in the far distant Thar Desert, this fort gets its name from its builder the Bhati Rajput ruler, Rao Jaisal in 1156 AD, and is unique because of the 15 foot high wall that surrounds the fort and acts as a supreme defense for the Jaisalmer. One of it cool features is the Maharawal’s marble throne which is a gorgeous sight because it is built atop a flight of marble stairs. The Jawahar Palace is a major tourist attraction inside the fort because of its exquisite ornamental designs and patterns.



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To me Gwalior Fort is the most beautiful. It just looks straight out of a movie set! And the connection between the fort itself and the water? Magical!


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The place is really amazing, its a nice place to visit.


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These forts in India look exactly like from a fairytale! so amazing! thank you very much for sharing this!

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