Top 7 Unsolved Mysteries of the World

Science and research has solved many mysteries and busted several myths. But there still remain a few unsolved and unexplained mysteries that leave the smartest people in the world baffled. These are real things that have been found that cannot be explained by one person on earth, even for centuries past. 

Here are 7 of those incredible mysteries.

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1. Voynich Manuscript

This is an entire book that is written in a text or language that not even one man has been able to decipher through the centuries. Found in the 1400’s this book has fascinated many a code-breaker especially because of its detailed drawings that are colorful and it seems that they fill  the book, dividing it into sections ranging from herbs and other plants, cosmological  astronomical and other genres. But up until this day the language used in the text is still indecipherable.

2. Mackenzie Poltergeist

In Greyfriars, Scotland there are unexplained acts of violence like people getting cuts, bruises, choking attacks, punches, kicks and hair pulling from an invisible source. This source by popular legend of this place is of a poltergeist named Mackenzie who was a Covenanter persecutor on order of his King Charles ll who allegedly killed 18,000 innocent souls in the pursuit of ‘unified religion’ and his soul is said to haunt that place, still persecuting from beyond the grave.

3. The Taos Hum

There is a very soft, yet humanly speaking audible murmur that resembles a machine whirring or humming in the town of Taos, New Mexico. When sensitive and high quality equipment was brought in to figure out the source of the noise surprisingly it didn’t even show up on the equipment measurements. Until this day nobody knows what makes that sound and what its origin is.

4. Wow! Signal

In 1977, from the Big Ear telescope of Ohio, USA, Jerry R. Ehman received an unexplained signal which lasted for 72 seconds from the Sagittarius constellation. It was called Wow! Because that was what he wrote down just as it happened. 35 years later humanity tried to respond to this signal by sending 10,000 tweets at the exact same moment as when received the signal. Still no response, still an enigma.

5. Shyna Isom

A young woman was taken to the hospital after experiencing an asthma attack after which her doctor gave her steroids and sent her home. After this event she started experiencing severe itchiness and scales started growing inexplicably all over her legs turning them black. Doctors at John Hopkins in Baltimore told her that her hair follicles produce twice the number of skin cells causing her to grow fingernails instead of hair. There is still no explanation of the cause of this disease or what is the cure.

6. The Eilean Mor Lighthouse Mystery

On the Scottish island of Eilean Mor there stood a lonely lighthouse and existed only 3 persons- who were the lighthouse keepers. On the day after Christmas a ship of supplies arrived to find no life anywhere on the island, when walking up the rickety stairs of the lighthouse, dread filled Joseph a new lighthouse keeper to find the last entries in the lighthouse log, where one of the disappeared keepers wrote that there occurred terrible winds and then also said in the last entry “Storm ended, sea calm. God is over all.” The mystery lies in the fact that the island is visible from a nearby island called Lewis, and there were no reports whatsoever of storms in the period noted in the log.

7. Zodiac Letters

In San Francisco there is an infamous Zodiac serial killer who sent 4 coded letters to the police out of which only one was decoded and the content was an extremely gruesome account of exactly how he murdered one of his victims. The other three letters still have not been decoded and the Zodiac killer is yet to be found.


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