TrakingPro Sets Its Track Right on to the Web Summit of 2017.

“It’s not that we use technology, we live technology” - Godfrey Reggio.

The dispersed world has become one whole with the help of technology. There are giant think tanks who have hold all the aces in the market of web technologies and on the other side there are blooming founders who, with their innovative ideas are coming up in the world with flying colours.

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On that account, it is the fundamental necessity of all the tech industrialists and founders to have an assemblage on a broader platform to exchange ideas and showcase their innovations. Hence a giant summit named: Web Summit is organised annually for all the web technology related tycoons and attendees.

Web Summit

The annually organised Web Summit was started in 2010. It’s founded by Paddy Cosgrave, David Kelly and Daire Hickey. The idea is to connect the technology community with all the new and old industries. It is centred on the internet and web technology, with speakers of large tech industries and attendees from all over the world. The Web Summit has become so popular over the years that it has grown to become the “largest technology conference in the world”.

Web Summit 2017

The Web Summit 2017 was held in Lisbon, Portugal from 6th of November to 9th of November 2017. With more than 60,000 attendees bringing the best of experts, enthusiasts, leaders and learners and over 1200 successful speakers holding 25 mini conferences for four days surely once again proves that it’s the “best technology conference in the world.”

Paddy Cosgrave, the Web Summit CEO marked the beginning with a speech followed by series of short talks from the speakers. Portuguese Prime Minister António Luís Santos da Costa and Lisbon City Mayor Fernando Medina officially opened the tech summit.

More than 2600 media from over 100 markets attended the Web Summit 2017. Editors from world’s most influential publications, industry reporters from leading technology and trade publications and blogs were invited.

Founder, Co-founder, CEO, Chairman, President of large tech giants such as Microsoft,, Intel, Tinder,, Oracle, Reddit and so on were among the well known speakers.

TrakingPro on the Web Summit 2017 

Around a hundred companies from India participated in the Web Summit of 2017, TrakingPro being one of them. TrakingPro, the blooming company got accredited to participate and exhibit their products and ideas on the Summit on 9th of November. It’s one of the few companies from Kolkata, India, to acquire such opportunity to represent itself in front of so many attendees, tech tycoons and honourable Prime Minister of Portugal António Luís Santos da Costa.

TrakingPro was rewarded with innumerable business offers and opportunities to market their brand and products on leading business countries like Portugal, Brazil, South Africa, the United States, United Kingdom and the list is endless.

What is TrakingPro ?

TrakingPro is a product that’s owned by Shireen Electronics PVT LTD. It’s established in 2014. TrakingPro provides GPS Tracking products, applications and services. The new high-tech device helps you track your personal and commercial vehicle in real time from anywhere in the world, right at your fingertips from your TrakingPro smart phone application.

Shireen Electronics PVT LTD is ISO 9001:2015 Certified. It has been approved and granted the MSME certificate. It has been successfully registered in Startup India as well. And now it all set its foot in Web Summit 2017. On the last day of the Web Summit 2017, TrakingPro successfully showcased its products with a detailed and effective presentation and presented the idea of the initiative to the Honourable Prime Minister of Portugal António Luís Santos da Costa.

Services of TrakingPro include

* Geo fencing technology which alerts you in case the vehicle has gone beyond the boundary it is programmed by the user to stay in. 
It also got accident or collision alerts in case the vehicle gets into any accident. 
The anti-theft alert protects the vehicle from burglars. 
The over-speeding alerts when your vehicle is going beyond the recommended speed limit. 
The real time tracking ensures safety of your loved ones.

Image Credit : kumulos


TrakingPro devices are equipped with modern high-tech features that not only aids with real time live tracking of the vehicles but also set up with features like:

* Easy Car Locator: It helps find the vehicles even in large parking lot or anywhere around the globe with the help of GPS technology. 
* Two-way Communication feature: This is a two-way feature which enables live communication between the user and the car driver. 
* Alerts for collisions/accidents: The TrakingPro GPS tracker automatically alerts you through a quick phone call in case your vehicle meets an accident or bumps and crashes somewhere. 
* Fuel saver / Engine Monitor: The TrakingPro app can help monitor your fuel usage and engine’s health status. 
* Over speeding alert: You will get an immediate alert on your smart phone app if your vehicle crosses the high speed limit. 
* Smart Live Tracking: You can get real time live information on your data which includes the exact current location of your vehicle. 
* SOS Alarm: Even in case of emergency, you will be alerted with SOS Alarm. Your family members can send you warning alert by pressing the panic button. 
* Warning for Geo-fencing: The TrakingPro device will alert the user if the vehicle goes beyond the boundaries it’s programmed to stay in. 
* TrakingPro is integrated into the Internet of Things. The GPS technology aids the device to help track the vehicle, be it personal or commercial thereby ensuring the safety and security of your vehicle and your loved ones riding it.

It’s a grand opportunity for the TrakingPro leads to introduce and present their products and ideas in to the world’s best technology conference.


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