Travel to These 5 Amazing Picnic Destinations Near Kolkata for Winter

Winter happens to be the perfect season to stir our minds for making interesting plans and fixing the appropriate date for executing those. Parties, pubs and picnics are the among the top listed high prioritized plans that’s a mandatory thing for we Kolkatans. The City of Joy bestows upon us the best of season, i.e. the winter, which is perfect for a picnic party. The country is cooler than before, creating a perfect ambiance for adventure, sightseeing, travelling and picnics. Cooler winds, cooler sands, cooler weather with less sunshine and sun tans -what’s more perfect idea than having a picnic in and around Kolkata? December and January happens to be the busiest time for people conquering all the best of picnic spots. It’s better to book all the happening picnic destinations from now on.

So grab your badminton rackets, cricket and football game kits, music systems with high beat playlists and tons of mouth watering foods and dedicate your best day of life in these 5 amazing picnic destinations near Kolkata:

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1. Raichak

Located in South 24 Parganas district, Raichak is a small sized town in Diamond Harbour. Distance from Kolkata is 50km towards south. The place is located on the bank of the Hooghly River. And that’s the main attraction. The calm soothing winter creates a perfect ambiance for an outing. The F Fort or the Raichak Fort located in Raichak is one of the most beautiful forts in India. It dates back to the colonial era and still stands out with pride with a hint of history. Other places to visit are Chingrihkali Fort, Diamond Harbour, Lighthouse of Diamond Harbour, Aashram of Ramakrishna Mission and much more.

2. Machranga Dwip or Kingfisher Island

Machranga Dwip or Kingfisher Island is a unique place as you can view Bangladesh on the other side. The place is located between Bhasa River and Ichamati River. The destination is ideal for a full day fun trip. Walking over green fields under a serene nature with a view of villages of Bangladesh at a far distance and a spectacular view of sunrise and sunset over River Ichamati is reason enough to visit Machranga Dwip for a picnic. Explore the island, take a boat ride, or swim across the river –an ideal way to spend your day at the Machranga Dwip.

3. Babur Haat

A weekend destination on a rustic village can be a perfect idea for a picnic. Babur Haat is a rural village located around 51 kilometres from Kolkata. The beautiful landscape of Babur Haat includes some rustic villages vastly stretched where the traditional Bengal village is still restored. The greenery mingled with huge stretches of fishing lakes that’s called ‘bheri’ in Bengali , rice farmlands, tastiest mango groves, ponds, vegetable orchards will take you to a whole new world, far away from all the hustle-bustle of the city. Fresh air, tranquil environment and vast stretches of blue horizon are apt for a picnic destination to spend time with family and friends. Experience the love of nature getting one step closer to her.

4. Frasergunj

Around a three hour drive away from Kolkata and probably one of the cheapest weekend getaways is Frasergunj. The place located 2km north of Bakkhali. If you want to have a hint of the Bay of Bengal’s sea breeze, have mouth watering fresh sea food and study the windmills then Frasergunj is the right option. The silvery white sands, waiting for your footprints, red fiddler crabs dotting over the fresh sands, experience fishing of the prolific fishermen all in a place. Frasergunj, the place derives this name from Andrew Fraser who was a lieutenant governor of Bengal during the early 20th Century. You can also visit the fishing harbour over there and have a look at their main occupation, i.e. the fishing. Furthermore, in just one trip you can travel to three beaches if you wish: Frasergunj, Bakkhali and Henry Island.

5. Deulti

Winter is appropriate time to visit Deulti. It’s a small village destination for your picnic planning. It is easily accessible from Kolkata via car. One just has to drive through Vidyasagar Setu and drive along NH6. A peaceful retreat is waiting for you at Deulti. The beautiful rural destination is rich in culture and heritage. Its nature dominated ambiance, panoramic vast view and undisturbed flora and fauna are reason enough to call your inner soul to have a visit and have a peaceful winter weekend picnic party. The eye captivating view of Rupnarayan River will steal your mind. Deulti is perfect for healing your mind and soul in the name of picnic. 

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