Use Sanitary Napkins With These 10 Amazing Hacks

Ladies, you all must be carrying sanitary napkins, pads and panty liners along with you even though we are not on our periods. Did you know you can use it in many different ways other than just protecting you on your menstrual days? Sanitary napkins are super absorbent and disposable pads with waterproof plastic containers. These are of good qualities and hence can be used for other purposes. From everyday usage to emergency purpose, sanitary pads can be used in many pretty amazing ways. 

It may sound weird to use it for other purposes other than a period-life saver but ones you utilize it for different motives, you will find it does makes sense. So break the taboos, think out of the box and use it in the following different ways:

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Save your Sweaty Feet

If you sweat a lot under your feet, then pads can save your sweaty feet. Put a pad inside the shoe and also you can spray some deodorant for making it odour free. The pad will absorb all your feet sweat and also keep them dry and fresh.

Grow sprouts

Sounds surprising? Well it’s been experimented by many bloggers and it seems to work! It helps sprouting of seeds, like beans or alfalfa or any other sprouting seeds. Place a pad in a glass jar and sprinkle some water on top of it, until it soaks it all up. Then put the seeds on the soaked pad and place it near window where air and sunlight passes easily.

Armpit Sweat

Most of us have faced this embarrassing armpit sweating situation. It certainly leaves a wet mark on the shirt. Stick panty liners or the thinner pads on your armpit area of the cloth. It will surely absorb all the armpit sweats and stains.

Painful Underwire of bras

We all must been familiar with this situation. The bra underwire, bra straps and bra hooks often poke us and that’s one hundred percent itchy and uncomfortable. Cut the pads into small pieces along with its back sticker on. Now wrap around the problem areas of your bras and innerwear by peeling off the back sticker. And there you go: A pain free comfortable bra! Now there’s no need to throw your expensive innerwear.

Breast sweating

Now if your boobs sweat a lot, then you are always welcome to stick panty liners inside your bras. If it can absorb your continuous overflow of menstrual blood, then why can’t some boob sweat? And nobody’s even watching what’s inside your boobies!

Make up sponge 

When you run out of some make up sponge, but you really need to fix your face, well panty liners are always at your service. Use a panty liner as a makeup sponge. It works perfectly well.

Comfortable shoes

Shoes are sometimes uncomfortable especially when it’s tight. Sanitary napkins under the soles give much comfort and cushion type feeling.

Emergency first aid

If you don’t happen to carry a band-aid when you hurt yourself; sanitary pads do come to the rescue. Don’t be shy, just wrap a sanitary napkin. It has high absorbency, toughness and is hygienically packaged. If the napkin is too big, then cut it into small piece.

Absorb spills 

The sanitary napkins can absorb any spills that have not been fully absorbed by the surface onto which the liquid has fallen. Gently press the sanitary napkin on top of the spill and it will absorb all the liquids that were on the surface.

Sweat and Oil Absorber 

Sanitary napkins can also work as a tissue paper or a blotting paper. It absorbs excess sweat and oil from your skin. 

Sanitary Napkins can be of so many uses. So do not be ashamed to use it in a different way. 



31 Oct 2017 04:50 PM

Never thought the napkins would find so many uses. Loved the creativity and the logic behind them too. Especially the shoe tip!

Jhilik paul

31 Oct 2017 11:03 PM

An amazing content, thanks for the amazing tips. Helpful to the core, especially,Growing sprouts, I love doing them at home. :)


15 Jun 2018 07:52 AM

Those aren't panty liners in that bra. That's a nursing bra and those are disposable nursing pads designed to keep milk leakage at bay..

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