Vital Tips to Remember for Your Safety and Security When You Are Home Alone

Staying home alone is not completely a freebie kind of experience as it seems like. You can relax and have fun all alone, but make sure your safety and security is all buttoned up properly. It’s a whole new kind of responsibility. You are all allowed to have fun; after all, the place is all yours and you are the ruling king or the queen of your home-kingdom for the entire day.

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Safety and security is the utmost priority. In the world full of crime, anything wrong can happen anytime. We always come across horrible news on the TV channels which include theft, robbery, and trespassing, sexual abuse and also about sudden accidents happened at home due to the lack of alertness

If you are home alone for some days or you are starting to live on your own, it’s important for you to have a complete check on your safety. I know it’s not that easy task. You have to make sure everything is in place and all the necessities have been put to check. But take your time, learn and remember how you should ensure safety at your home, especially when nobody’s home.

Learn these vital tips for your safety when you are home alone:

1. Lock the Doors and Windows

You probably know how many doors and windows you have. Even if you do not, just take your time, step into each and every room and check if all the doors and windows are locked. If not, lock it immediately. If possible close all the curtains of the rooms you are not about to stay in. This reduces the chances of anyone to peep into your privacy.

2. Turn on the Alarm

If your house or room got smoke alarms and safety alarms, kindly turn it all on. Accidents can happen anytime. And precautions are better than cure.  Smoke alarms detect presence of any smoke or fire that’s kindled up without your notice. Hence take a note of that.

3. Avoid Opening Doors to Strangers 

It’s a clever act if you don’t open the door to any complete stranger. Look through the eye hole of the door first, if anyone rings the bell. If he or she is a person that you don’t know, then either talk behind the doors without opening the door or you can entirely skip interacting. If you do the later one, then make sure that person has left.

4. Cell phones are very essential for your Security

Cell phones are a must thing that you should keep it handy, if you are home alone. From emergency calling to SOS alert, everything can be done at your fingertips if you have a cell phone. Just remember these important tips:

• Turn On your SOS Alert or Emergency Call Alert. This will send an emergency alert SMS or call even if you are running out of balance. 

• Set the number of your trusted people and those trustworthy people who stay nearby on your speed dial list. In case of any urgent need, you don’t have to scroll over their contacts. 

• Inform your near and dear ones: Inform your near and dear ones that you are staying alone. Just in case anything happens, they will be at your help. 

• Take a note of all the emergency numbers, such as nearby Police Station, Fire Station, Doctor, Hospitals, Ambulance etc. 

• Learn What and How You should speak up during an emergency: Now this is most important. During any emergency, it is obvious that your head will not work properly. But somehow you have to calm your head and speak up properly to the cops or any other emergency help units. You have to be short, precise but absolutely on point description is required. 

• Remember to charge your phone battery. Just in case you have to rush out or get engaged in any important work or just in case you face a load shedding, your phone must work even during those extreme situations.

5. Check Out any Strange Sounds and Noises

You are familiar with the sounds of your house doors and windows and may be some of the objects. You can probably identify those sounds. So if you hear such sounds and that’s not you, or any sounds that you are unfamiliar with, then do not worry, just check it once. Don’t forget to carry your cell phone and one heavy object that you can use it as a weapon for self defence.

6. Chalk Out Emergency Plan

Emergency doesn’t come with invitation cards. It can knock on your door anytime. It’s better to have a rough draft of an emergency plan. Have a look of emergency doors and pathways that you can use. Keep on your head whom to call at first. Keep important things handy.

7. Do not keep spare keys outside 

You know you are all alone at home. So no extra keys should hang up outside your house. Anybody can steal it anytime or break into your house.

8. Stay away from dangerous Items

Yes. Even if that’s your home, just stay away from dangerous items that might cause harm to you if you do not know how to operate it the proper way. It can be anything. From heavy machineries, to even a knife or a needle. If you don’t have any appropriate knowledge on it, then you must simply avoid touching or using it

9. Turn off Electrical equipments 

Turn off all the electrical equipments on all those rooms that you are not be going. And before going to sleep make sure all the electrical appliances are turned off. Accidents like short circuits or electrical malfunction can happen anytime. And since you are all by yourself, you never know on which corner of your house what appliance or device is turned on overnight.

10. Turn off anything inflammable

Fire catches very quick especially when you are careless about it. So turn off gas, candles, incense sticks or anything that’s inflammable or prone to catch fire quickly.

11. Keep First Aid Kits Handy

Keep all the first aid kit at hand. You might need it anytime. So it’s better to keep them at one place.

12. Do Not Enter Any Room If You Find Something Strange

If you see any door is opened, which is not supposed to be or if you notice any broken window, which was not there earlier, then there are possibilities that someone might have entered the home. It’s better to stay away from home that night. 

13. Keep some things handy

Keep all your necessary things handy. Such as, cell phones, mobile charger, flashlight, batteries, candles, home keys, car keys, anything that can be used as a weapon, such as pocket knife, baseball bat etc. 



25 Oct 2017 07:25 PM

This was a useful read. One of my biggest fears is when my house is empty! Thankfully, we have great neighbours who look out for us but still good to take preventative measures x


25 Oct 2017 07:36 PM

This is informative. I'm a freelancer and I always work with my door open. From today, I will lock my door.


02 Nov 2017 04:17 PM

A useful reminder of things we know already and new things too! Safety is peace of mind.


02 Nov 2017 06:24 PM

very nice and informative!


02 Nov 2017 06:53 PM

Thanks for putting it all together. Useful tips in case of any emergency.


02 Nov 2017 08:07 PM

Great guide.

Ajay chander

02 Nov 2017 09:15 PM

wow ! this is very important for anyone to see before they go out from home and its very mandatory to check .. good guidance

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