What This Man Did For His Villagers Are More Than Just A Heroic Act

There is a small village in Koriya district of Chhattisgarh known as the Saja Pahad village. Neither electricity facility, nor communication system has been developed there. And there had been water crisis since ages. The villagers have to depend upon only a few countable wells scattered here and there. 

The villagers were having major water crisis but none were there to listen to them. In no way they could find a solution to quench the thirst of their cattle. Also drainage, irrigation system and all other water related basic works were brutally hampered due to this major issue. 

Shyam Lal was a typical village boy of 15 years old back then. He decided to dig a pond for the benefit of the villagers. Neither the government, nor the villagers helped him, whereas he, on the contrary dedicated 27 years behind making up the pond for the villagers. In the beginning, Shyam Lal, identified a spot in the forest and he kept on digging unless after 27 years of long devotion and hard work, the pond was finally prolific with water. 

Villagers now hail him as the saviour. MLA Shyam Bihari Jaiswal, after hearing his work, awarded him with Rs. 10,000. Other authorities, such as the District Collector also vowed to provide him with all possible help. 

What Shyam Lal did for the villagers and the cattle are worth appreciation. What this man did for his villagers are not just a heroic act but also reflects a true act of humanity.

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