What is No-Shave November & Why Should I leave on my Whiskers this Month?

For normal people shaving and waxing is something they do regularly that there isn’t much to think about it. But in the Chicagoland Hill family after the sad demise caused by colon cancer of the head of the family Matthew Hill, husband and father to eight, after which they decided to start making a difference.    

No-shave November began as a family tradition where they would not to shave off any hair for the whole month of November, but in 2009 they started using it to raise money for cancer awareness.

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The concept behind it is that by letting your hair grow out you can be sensitized to the fact that there are many people out there who loose their hair because of cancer and its treatments and to be able to even grow your own hair is in comparison, something of a luxury. The foundation runs on the point that instead of spending money on shaving products and waxing appointments for the month, you donate that money instead, towards cancer research or raising awareness.

No-Shave November is now a global trend and men all over the world grow their beards and ’stashes so that a little bit more awareness is spread through this simple action. So girls wear those long pants for a month and guys rock some funky beards, after all, it’s for a good cause.



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