Why Am I Angry All the Time? Here are the 8 Reasons Why People Mostly Become Angry

Anger is a very common emotions that outbursts all of a sudden among most of us. But getting frequently angry is not just an emotion, but it’s deeply connected to other emotions as well. It’s the result of many incidents or other such emotions or circumstances. Sometimes we get angry at people, may be for blaming that person who has supposedly ‘hurt’ you. But take a deep breath, step back and think: The person or the situation that made you react that way is not the matter, what matters is your reaction. Something happened, and it’s you who reacted to it. So it is basically you, who is giving a response to a situation. 

Anger is a feeling that conceals other feelings. And that’s the reason it’s hard to realise the actual reason behind your anger. One needs to dig deep and find out the real reason behind anger.

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So here are the 8 probable reasons behind your anger 

1. Helplessness or Powerlessness 

Anger is a reaction to such situations where one feels powerless. The helplessness of that person results into getting frustrated which ultimately comes out as anger. 

Say for example, you are stuck in a long traffic jam, and you can do nothing but to wait. So here your frustration of not overcoming the situation is leading you to get angry

This can happen regarding a person as well. For example, your boss is shouting at you, and you can do nothing but feel helpless. And here you can’t even express your anger directly!

2. Past incidents

Sometimes a person’s anger can be associated with any past incidents that he/she might had in the past. Any traumatic incident that has left that person with extreme grief, pain and fear generally start to take things very negatively and becomes very angry on people or situations. It acts for them as a shield to protect themselves from further getting hurt. Or it happens sometimes just to let that suppressed emotions burst out in anger. 

People need to understand that what bygone is bygone. You cannot change the past, but you can surely make your present better.

3. Grief

Sometimes the personal grief that is deep-rooted within a person’s mind can cause anger. A person’s grief is totally personal. Mostly a loss of someone or something causes grief. And that loss, that failure, can outburst in the form of anger. 

For example: Losing a job or losing your loved ones or a breakup in relationship, something that you cannot get back the way it was, can causes a depression resulting in anger.

4. Failure

Generally people tend to get angry when they fail at something. Failure leads to anger often. Unable to achieve something that you craved for or desired can frustrate that person. Instead of realizing why they failed and instead of accepting the failure for betterment, they chose to get angry. One starts to feel more like a loser. So this is what someone needs to understand, and that is: failure doesn’t mean it’s over; it can be a new start.

5. Over expectations

When a person is too much into satisfying other person, but doesn’t get that much of response in result, might lead him or her to get angry. This is simply because of over expectation. When people go too far to please someone but get no result in return, they tend to get angry. They don’t feel good inside because they didn’t get much appreciated which was unexpected for them. This leads to anger.

6. Extremely hurt

You are hurt when someone betrays you, or doesn’t get you. You also get hurt when you tried your best at something but it didn’t work out as planned. You feel left out. And instead of dealing with the emotions, the person seems to deal it with anger.

7. Manipulate others

Now this is surely a bad habit. It’s totally the person’s fault who behaves angrily. There are people who like to take control over other people. They tend to manipulate others to get a work done by them. And when the other person fails, they start to get angry and shout at others. The quickest and easiest way to solve a problem is by putting the blame to others.

8. Fear 

Yes! Even fear of someone or something or even self can cause anger. Sometimes people are feared of doing something wrong or expecting something worse for something they have done wrong. There are fears of what people will think, or what society will think; fear of losing or fear of being in trouble or getting hurt: any fear can make you react at fighting back at what factors are making you get scared. And this often comes out as anger. 

So these are the 8 probable reasons why people mostly become angry. So have a deeper look at your reasons, what’s exactly causing you to get angry. Calm your heads down, write it down on a diary or a journal. You can also consult with your loved ones or friends or even consult a doctor. Start doing meditation and be more focused on yourself. Because, you are precious, you are special. So let all your angers out and enjoy your life.


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