Why Mexico’s “Isla de las Munecas” – The Island of the Dolls is So Creepy.

On the South of the Mexico City , on a two hour canal ride of Xochimico canal there us a small island with thousands of dolls hanging everywhere on the trees and branches, making it look creepier and haunted. The name of the island is known as Isla de las Munecas i.e. Island of the Dolls.

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The dolls are believed to be dedicated to a little girl who drowned in the nearby canal.  And even now the tourists bring dolls with them in honour of the girl.

The legend behind the doll island is sad and creepy. There was a caretaker of the island named Don Julian Santana Barrera. He supposedly found a girl who is drowned in the nearby canal in a mysterious way.

Unfortunately Don Julian failed to save the young girl. He saw a doll floating near the canals and guessed it could be hers. So he picked it up, hung up the doll on a tree in order to show respect and support the spirit of the young girl.

It’s also said that Julian used to bring more dolls and hung up on the trees. The entire island has become filled with exhibitions of dolls hung up everywhere. Julian realized that these dolls are being possessed by the dead girl’s spirits, and he kept on bringing dolls, as if he is equally getting possessed. And strange enough, Julian, after collecting dolls for about 50 long years, he was found dead on the same spot where he found the girl dead.

The locals believe that he was haunted by the dead girl’s spirit. Furthermore Julian was supposedly possessed by other spirits as well.

There are long debates as to whether what legend says is actually true. For many, this is just a rumour. For some, this place is not haunted by the spirits of the child and even questions the very existence of the girl child. Some say, Julian has made up the story.

While on the other hand, the locals and even some tourist claims that they have heard the dolls whispering, or some dolls moving on its own, such as their arms and head moving or eyes are opening.

After Julian’s death on 2001, this place has become a tourist attraction. The old dolls, with broken arms, amputated limbs, hanging out everywhere; the sad creepy story and claims of haunting make the entire island feel creepier. However, this place has its weird charm that attracts visitors. And even many TV shows and paranormal investigation has been hosted here.



19 Nov 2017 05:13 PM

This place must be strange with unknown spirit. Strange places have strange story. Nice work to have the courage to cover the story.


19 Nov 2017 07:55 PM

I couldn't agree more, this is super creepy!

Erudite Travel

23 Nov 2017 02:17 PM

Yup. I can't think of another word to describe the place except creepy. Is this place being promoted as a tourist site? Just curious...

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