Why are Mosquitoes attracted to me like a Magnet?

Do you get eaten up by mosquitoes the most among all your friends while on a trek? Or, are you the only one whose arms and legs are filled with marks from endlessly scratching the many mosquito bites from what feels like years and years of torture specialized for only you? Don’t worry, there’s an explanation for it!

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There are several factors that lead to mosquitoes being specifically drawn to certain people. Here are some of those factors:
1. Mosquitoes are attracted to blood type O

There is research that shows that people with the blood type O are two times more likely to attract the tiny bloodsuckers than those with blood type A or B.

2. Carbon dioxide

Apparently if you exhale relatively more carbon dioxide than people around you, you are more prone to mosquito bites. Mosquitoes can smell the carbon dioxide that you exhale and at one fly to the feast. Now you know why mosquitoes hang around your face and ears so much, it’s close to the source of carbon dioxide that is your nose and your mouth.

3. Skin bacteria

You want to know why mosquitoes sting at your ankles and feet constantly and without any mercy. It’s because of the bacterial colonies that seem to be the strongest on those areas which act as a magnet to mosquitoes.

4. Secretors

People are classified into secretors and non-secretors on the basis of our bodies secreting certain compounds called saccharides and antigens. If you’re a secretor, which is highly possible because it includes about 80 percent of the population, then you probably get bitten relatively more than others by the tiny vampires.

5. Lactic acid

Other than Carbon dioxide mosquitoes can also smell from a good distance away lactic acid secretion which typically secreted through the pores on your skin after a thorough workout or exercise. So if you’re an exercise junkie you should be sure to wash up after, or else…

6. Beer

Yup! This is not a mistake! No wonder I get bitten so often! (haha, just kidding!) A study observed that more mosquitoes landed on people after they drank a 12 ounce beer than before they consumed the beverage. Although the study was conducted no actual reason was found for this behavior. But we can all just imagine that even mosquitoes like to have a good time. 

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Woow Never knew blood type and beer could draw mosquito. Nice post. Thanks for this educative knowledge.


04 Dec 2017 12:01 AM

Woow Never knew blood type and beer could draw mosquito. Nice post. Thanks for this educative knowledge.

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