Will Delhi’s 3rd Phase of Odd-Even Traffic Rule be Able to ‘Even Out’ the Pollution Issue?

Delhi has been under a highly alarming threat as the entire capital city got covered in Smog raising serious concerns of how to tackle it. The Delhi Government decided to implement the odd-even traffic rule once again on Delhi from November 13.

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Studying the worse condition of the Delhi smog, the Indian Medical Association recently declared Delhi that it’s in public health emergency state because the air pollution has rose to ‘severe’ condition and the smog has completely engulfed the city.

As indicated by the Air Quality Index, the average AQI (air quality index) hit 396, which is very poor. The level of Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5 was in some areas above 300 in the capital city. This indicated the air quality as hazardous. Whereas the Particulate Matter (PM) 10 reached 999 at some areas of Delhi.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has advised to shut down schools for some time. The Indian Medical Association has also writer to the Delhi Chief Minister for calling cancellation of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon that’s scheduled on November 19th. The IMA President Dr KK Aggarwal has also advised people to avoid getting out of home.

The flights and trains have also been delayed due to the smog. People mistook it for fog whereas later it came to realisation that it’s nothing but a blanket of smog. The smog covered parts of Punjab as well. Reports are saying that the smog can stay for three to four days.

Moreover the entire ministry is into the implementing other good measures to reduce the smog and pollution issue as early as possible. Meanwhile the schools have been shut down for a week.

Kejriwal says that the local reasons are not the only cause behind increase in PM. He focuses on finding a proper solution to the crop burning issue. Unless the state governments of UP, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi are setting aside the politics and engage themselves in finding an economically viable solutions to  crop burning, the problem will not be solved pat its best.

Flight has been delayed due to the worse condition of smog. 12 departures and 13 arrivals of flight have been delayed. Not to mention even the arrivals of trains have been delayed due to low visibility. 41 trains are late, 9trains have been rescheduled and 10 trains have been cancelled.

The smog issue has threatened the neighbouring states as well. Hazardous weather condition has been noticed in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Even Punjab has been affected the worst Schools have been closed till 11th November in Punjab.

The environmental issues are neglected almost all over the globe, giving the least attention to the declining of environmental health. And probably this is the reason why the State like Delhi has been engulfed into smog. But will closing of schools, or implementing the even-odd traffic rule really even out the smog issue? Now that’s the real concern.


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