World’s First Camel Hospital Only in Dubai

Camels are a very important part in the Gulf Arab. It’s kind of a heritage symbol to them. And in due respect to preserve this heritage and love for this animal, Dubai has opened Dubai Camel Hospital. It cost 40 million dirhams i.e. $10.9 million thus becoming the world’s first camel hospital in Dubai, said Mohamed Al Bulooshi, the director of the hospital.

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The hospital is exclusively for the camels which opened last week with state-of-the-art medical equipments available. The hospital can treat up to 20 camels and the hospital also has a team of veterinarians. Furthermore the camel hospital also has a special care facility after the treatment. It caters a mini-race track where the camels are made to walk or run to get fit after their medical procedures.

The equipments are also customised and adapted from equestrian medical equipment for accommodating camel treatment.

The X-ray or ultrasound starts at $110 and surgery starts at $1,000. The Camel Hospital is also intending to help the research and development for camel medicine.

Camels are very important animal in the country. From camel races to camel beauty pageants all are favourite amusement and recreation for the local people. Even millions of dollars are invested at auctions. The entire project is made in an effort “to unfold the secrets of this strange desert animal”, said Ahsan Ul Haq, the facility’s head of marketing and finance.

Image Credit : All Image Taken From Financial Express


Abbas Rizvi

16 Dec 2017 02:17 AM

Very Very Nice Step..

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