You Have to Try the Local Food from Each of These Cities in India.

So, when you travel around India, each city and each state offers a different and delicious delicacy of its own. Here are a few local foods you have to try while holidaying in these cities. Foodies take note!

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1. Kolkata

While in this cultural capital you have to try the street food, which is world renowned. The Phuchka- the Kolkatan pani puri is mouth-watering. Other steet foods include momos (with soup!), aloo chop, dal pakodas, kati rolls, jhal muri and of course chowmein which claims to be original Chinese food. And for dessert, yummy Rosgulla, or sondesh. Eating out in Kolkata is not just a trend, its part of the lifestyle.

2. Mumbai

Mumbai the most liveliest city in India possesses some of the tastiest selection of foods. From chaat like pani puri, sev puri and bhel puri to Bombil fish fry, vada pav, pav bhaji, frankies and of course Falooda

3. Delhi

India’s national capital has some of the yummiest attractions other than the Taj Mahal like golgappas, Dahi Bhalle, and Papdi Chaat. Chole-Bature, Rajma Chawal and buttery parathas for lunch and for desert should certainly be jalebis. Finally some genuine and tasty reasons to visit the capital!

4. Goa

The city of tourism and beautiful beaches also keeps a large space for its wide selection of seafood dishes. With fish fry to some of the most intense flavored curries with coconut and tamarind bases and fresh catch. Also available in this tourist spot are the pork vindaloo and the classic Goan sausages.

5. Ahmedabad

This city as well as most other Gujarati cities are super famous specially for their vegetarian yummy snacks including dhokla, thepla, fafda, khakhra, khaman to name a few. For dessert Asharfi Ni Kulfi is a lockdown.

6. Guwahati

This north Indian Assamese city sprouts some of the most delicious Assamese food. From starters like Khaar to delicacies like Duck cooked in bamboo shoot, Maasor tenga which is a tangy fish curry, Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura which is chicken cooked with bamboo shoot.

7. Chettinad

In this south Indian city you will find the epitome of southern style dishes. Idlis, medu wada with sambhar and coconut chutney, as well as masala dosa are some of the most popular dishes in Chennai and Tamil Nadu in general. Biryani is also very popular. The expression is: it’s not a Tamil occasion without biryani.

8. Hyderabad

In this city the main dish like in the above point is Biryani, although it has its own special flavors. Mirchi ka Salan, a spicy coconut paste, or Hyderabadi Marag which is a spicy but light soup are some of the Hyderabadi dishes you have to try.

9. Shillong

This cold city in northern India houses some of the strangest yet heavenly eats. Some of the ambrosial meals you get here are Khao suey, a specialty, smoked meat curry and peppery chicken curry with rice.

10. Amritsar

Home to Punjab’s most beautiful monument, the Golden Temple, this city is home also to several delightful foodstuffs. Tandoori chicken and Khulchas as well as yummy parathas are just a few of them. Khada Prasad, is given at the Golden temple and it is prepared using whole wheat granules halwa and desi ghee. For desserts try the gulab jamuns and jalebis and do not forget the Lassi! 

These dishes are just a handful of the dishes and cuisines that are prevalent all over this incredibly exotic country. A mixture of cuisines is a norm in India and it’s something that makes out food both rich and divine. 



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