Zanco Tiny T1 – World’s Smallest Fully Functional Phone

There are so many gadgets innovators come out with with extreme qualities, such as ‘world’s biggest’, ‘world’s largest’, ‘world’s thinnest’, ‘world’s slimmest’, ‘world’s smallest’ and so on. Imagine world’s tiniest phone. Yes now this is also available on the market. Zanco Tiny T1 – is the world’s tiniest phone recorded till now.

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It is smaller than your thumb and even smaller than some of the toy phones. Zanco Tine T1 weighs 13 grams and the size is 46.7mm x 21mm x 12mm.

The phone though it’s extremely tiny, it is totally functional.

The features consist of:

• 200mAh battery
• Micro USB I/O
• It supports multimedia like 13 voice changers, stores up to 50 messages, stores the last in/out 50 numbers.
• It supports 32RAM + 32ROM
• It uses a Nano SIM Card supporting 2G network.
• The screen is tiny, holding 12.5mm OLED screen. 
• It has 3 days standby battery
• It is equipped with 180 minutes talktime and 300 phonebook memory.

This tiny little phone is perfect for gifting any techie. Or if you yourself are a gadget geek, then this phone is for you. One can take this phone as a backup device that can work out during emergency. The device doesn’t support any internet network.

So it’s ideal for people who get easily distracted. It’s beneficial for those who need to focus on their works, as it only supports calls and limited texts. It will fit in your pocket or anywhere very easily. Hence the tiny device is travel friendly.

Zanco wass founded in 2007 and has been set its name in producing world’s smallest mobile phones. They are the creators of Zanco Tiny T1 monile phone. The parent company is however Zini Mobiles Ltd. And Zanco’s Research & Development is manufactured in China’s Shenzhen.

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