Indian YouTubers Who Are Making Big Money Through Their Videos

Since it launched in 2005, YouTube has become the most popular video streaming site in the world. It is a perfect place for entertainment, infotainment and more. YouTube is a bigger craze than social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It ranks no. 2 for most visited sites in the world in the Alexa Metric after Google.

YouTube has given people the opportunity to reach to the millions of users by simply posting any type of video. These opportunities created many internet celebrities.

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YouTube stardom is a new phenomenon in India. India has a variety of YouTubers creating a wide range of Topics, making the best use of the YouTube Culture. They have created a revolution in the world of technology and entertainment by becoming the richest YouTubers in India.

In India, every month some 20,000 active YouTube channels upload 3.8 lakh videos, get 9.48 billion views and attract 1.1 crore new subscribers according to a report.

YouTube's biggest stars are using sponsored videos and advertising to make a living on the platform in addition to making a name for themselves.

YouTube celebrities earn from the views and likes on their videos. Currently, peoples from every field from India have taken over YouTube and earn Big Money.

Here, we collect 6 of the best Indian YouTube celebrities who are making big money through their Videos

1. Bhuvan Bam

Number of Subscribers: 7.2 million

BB Ki Vines or Bhuvam Bam is now a Global sensation in YouTube Community. He plays 5-6 characters in his videos, all played and shot by himself on his phone. It’s hard to miss his humorous videos based on generic storylines. He performs live show and earns from there. His channel has been awarded the fastest growing channel on YouTube worldwide.

2. Sandeep Maheshwari

Number of Subscribers: 4.9 million

Inspirational and motivational speaker and the owner of Website called, Sandeep Maheshwari is one of the fastest growing entrepreneurs in India. He is famous for life-changing Seminars through which he inspires young minds who are afraid of public speaking or lack confidence.

3. Technical Guruji

Number of  Subscribers: 5.5 million

Technical Guruji is the technical channel on YouTube who reviews electronic and technical Gadgets. His secret to gain viewer is his interactive content in both Hindi and English. His reviews are very reliable. He arranges Tech Talks in order to make his viewers familiar with technology.

4. Shruti Arjun Anand

Number of  Subscribers: 1.2 million

She shares tips for Skin and beauty products through her YouTube Channel. She is perfect beauty YouTuber with her videos on hair and makeup. She also shares styling tips, makeup reviews and beauty product reviews in her videos so that you look picture perfect every day.

5. Nisha Madhulika

Number of Subscribers: 3.7 million

Nisha Madhulika started blogging in 2007, after that she started YouTube Channel on Cooking. After technical help from her Husband in the earlier phase of her YouTube Life, now she has her own team for creating and modifying the content. She has become a household name for those who wish to learn cooking. Her channel is one of the most popular channels with recipes for all types of cuisines in the YouTube Community.

6. Kanan Gill

Number of Subscribers: 615k

Kanan Gill, One of the most popular stand-up comedians in India knows how to sway his audience and bring smiles to their faces. He is famous for reviewing Bollywood movies in his comical style that is hilarious. He is Software engineer but he chooses entertaining people with his comedy.
YouTube is a platform that can create wonders in the internet age with just a video. What do you think?



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