Manikyam – The World’s Shortest Cow Places Herself in Guinness World Records.

A small village in the Indian southern state of Kerala was leading its own way of life, behind the limelight, totally unheard, until an episode of wonder rolled in. A cow managed to put herself into the book of Guinness World Record for her tiny little size.

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The tiny sized mammal measures 61.1 cm (24.07 in) from hoof to the withers, that is, it weighs nearly about 40kg. The tiny wonder, named Manikyam is the shortest cow on the planet. It is shorter than previous world record holder Blaze (USA), it was 69.07 cm i.e. 2 ft 3.19 in. tall.

The celebrity animal now resides with other cows in the farm of the farmer and environmentalist Balakrishnan Nambukudy. He said, “This cow is like a family member. With us at all times. It is a very important and very intelligent cow. She comes when you call.”

The cow didn’t grow up in size as is supposed to be, even after being fed properly. Later, it got known that this is a diminutive bovine called Vechur. It’s a well known breed which produces dwarf cows with maximum height of 90cm.

The tiny mammal resides with her fully-sized pals at farmer and environmentalist Balakrishnan Nambukudy's farm in the town of Atholi in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

Mr Nambukudy said: "This cow is like a family member. With us at all times. It is a very important and very intelligent cow. She comes when you call."

Dayanand Kumar, a local villager, added: "We treat cows as a form of God. It is a divine blessing to see such a cute cow."

“It is hot and particularly humid here, and we believe this has an effect on the height of our cattle. If Vechur cattle are taken elsewhere in the country, over time they increase in height. It’s only in Kerala that they maintain their dwarf stature.” Dr, E M Muhammed, the local veterinarian told Guinness World Record.

The Guinness World Record team travelled to Kerala and visited the tiny celebrity Manikyam and her proud owner Akshay N V.  The entire team was welcomed a huge crowd, which indicates the care the community provides for that cow and the popularity she holds.



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