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This film stars Ajay Devgan as a fearless Income Tax Department officer who conducts a raid at Saurabh Shukla’s house, who plays a powerful man in Lucknow. He had played numerous such roles previously and Raid is therefore, no different. He continues his raid successfully until there’s a twist in the tale. The audience is left guessing if he would be able to conduct his raid effectively or bow down to the politician's power that takes up majority of the film.  This film is set in 1980s but the screenplay does not really feel like it. Ajay Devgan put on a straight face in most of the scenes rattling powerful dialogues. Ileana D'Cruz plays the role of a wife who is extremely supportive. It is advisable to go in without any high expectations only to get disappointed. It does have a generic storyline.

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The film picks up speed once the raids are set in motion and the intensity is maintained for a moment or two. But it crashes down as it turns out to be a predictable war between the good and bad. There were unrealistic angles to this film, such as when Ajay Devgn and his squad of officers discovers gold and money from ceilings, walls and even sewers.

Ajay Devgn was not outstanding when it came to playing the role of an officer as we are well versed with this side of him from Singham and Gangaajal.

The film might be a good watch for film lovers but he really needs to experiment more with his style owing to the brilliant talent he holds. 



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