Tallest Buildings in the world.

The competition between the different countries across the world occurs in every sector. In recent days, competition to hold on their grounds the world’s tallest buildings have been rise. In the era of new technologies and developed materials, it is quite easy to construct extraordinary buildings.  At present, Dubai holds the record of world's tallest building. Burj Khalifa in Dubai, rising 828 meters above ground, almost the double height of Petronas Towers, in Kuala Lumpur is world’s tallest building at present. So, now let’s take a look at the top 15 towers. Here starts the countdown:

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15. Willis Tower, Chicago, United States

Formerly Known as Sears Tower. This building holds the world record for tallest building for almost 25 years. This Chicago icon standing at 1451 feet tall. This contains 108 floors of mostly office space and this was the first building of its kind to use a bundled tube structure to achieve greater heights.

14. Zifeng Tower, Nanjing, China

Completed in 2010, the tallest of the connected building standings at 1476 feet tall. This building was designed to echo the layout of the city and maximizes picturesque views for visitors and tenants.

12 & 13. Petronas Twin Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As the name, The Petronas Twin Towers hold two spots on the list of the world’s tallest buildings. Completed in 1998, these tower standings at 1483 feet tall. This two 88-story towers are powerful individual features of the city’s skyline but are also dependent upon one another. This twin tower was inspired by Islamic geometry. A Sky bridge at 41st and 42nd floors connect two buildings. There are tickets for visitors to explore sky bridge, a gift shop and observation deck offering spectacular views of Kuala Lumpur.

11. Changsha IFS Tower T1, China

Completed in 2018, this is a recent addition on the list of the World’s tallest buildings. This 1483-foot-tall building is based in Harbour City in Hong Kong. There is a block-size megamall in the basement of the buildings including amenities like shopping, entertainment, dining and overnight accommodations.

10. International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong

Completed in 2010, this 1588-foot-tall building is home to some of the most renowned financial institutions in the world. This building is also known for its high energy efficiency. This 108-story building includes a number of hotels, an observation deck called Sky100, and the world’s highest swimming pool and bar, located on the top floor.

9. Shanghai World Financial Center, China

Completed in 2008, this 1614 feet tall buildings are an enduring symbol of China’s commerce and culture.  Design with a square cutout is said to represent the ancient Chinese symbols of heaven and earth. This 101-Story tower includes five-star Park Hyatt Hotel, offices, a conference center along with retail space.

8. Taipei 101, Taiwan

Completed in 2004, this 1667 feet tall building showcases an accented modular form reminiscent of a traditional Chinese pagoda. This Building was built to withstand typhoons and earthquakes, and the building’s distinct layers allow it to be both flexible and structurally resistant. The Building’s number 101, reflects the number of the floors in the building and represent the first day of the year. On 31st December of every year, each of the tower’s stacked modules shoots out fireworks and lights up in sequential order, counting down from the last eight seconds before the New Year.

7. Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, China

Completed in 2016, this 1739-foot-tall building with 111 floors, this dramatic skyscraper includes office, residential and hotel space with sweeping balconies and dramatic skylights. Building’s windows are designed with a Subtle terra cotta lining. This terracotta has historical significance for both Eastern and Western Building. Terracotta is self-cleaning and resistant to corrosion, meaning it will require less energy to maintain over time.

6. One World Trade Centre, New York City

Completed in 2014, this 1776 feet tall building with 94 floors is the tallest building in North America. This building is built on the original site of World Trade Centre towers. This building is located adjacent to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Eight elongated isosceles triangles at the building’s exterior which coverage at the center of the building forms a perfect octagon.

5. Lotte World Tower, Seoul, South Korea

Completed in 2017, this 1819 feet tall building with 123-story buildings hold the title of the tallest in South Korea. The design of this building is inspired by Korean ceramics, porcelain, and calligraphy. The seam that runs the length of the tower paying homage to the changing landscape of the country’s capital city. This building includes retail space, offices and luxury hotel. The top 10 floors of this tallest building of South Korea feature space accessible to the public, including an observation deck and rooftop café.

4. Ping An Finance Center, Shenzhen, China

Completed in 2017, this 1965 feet tall with 115 floors is a centerpiece of the urban landscape. It has been described as the pinnacle of modern Chinese skyscrapers – tall, dense and extremely connected. The building also becomes a symbol of area’s immense urban growth.

3. Makkah Royal Clock Tower, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Completed in 2012, this 1972 feet tall tower was built in the heart of the holy Islamic city of Mecca. At the Top of the tower, there are four large clock faces that themselves hold the world record for both size and height. This tower is located adjacent to the Grand Mosque, where approx. 2 million people gather to worship throughout the course of the Hajj. Makkah’s elevator system was specifically designed to be efficient for large groups of people. By using this advanced technology, up to 75,000 people can exit the Makkah Royal Clock Tower complex without congestion.

2. Shanghai Tower, China

Completed in 2015, this 2073 feet tall building with 128 floors is the tallest building in skyscraper-friendly China. It is Called the “greenest super high-rise building on Earth”. It reuses rainwater and Glass facades that reduce wind resistance and transform it into clean energy. It is home to the world’s fastest elevators, with the top speed of 67.25 feet per second. Variety of spaces including restaurants, shops, offices and hotels included in this building.

1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Completed in 2010, this 2717 feet tall building with 163 floors has held the title of the world’s tallest building since it was completed. This Building includes offices, residential units, and the 304-room Armani Hotels. The Burj Khalifa is home to the highest observation deck in the world. There is a ticket for those who want experience views from the staggering skyscraper. The experience allows visitors to take a virtual birds’-eye-view tour of Dubai through interactive viewfinders.



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