The New Facebook Snooze Button to Mute Your Friends and Groups at Your Wish.

There are many friends, groups and News Feeds that you are attached to if you are regular on Facebook. And it is obvious you get a lot of annoying pictures, posts and contents while you are scrolling through your Facebook. And Facebook came up with a solution to let you have a more control on the type of contents you want to see in the News Feed. The social media giant Facebook added a new feature called Snooze option. This will let you snooze your friends from the friend list or even any group and News Feed for 30 days.

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Through the snooze option you don’t have to unfriend or unfollow anyone, it’s just to take a small break from the constant updates and posts.

This can also be useful when you are trying to avoid any sales of products and brands when you no longer need them to appear on newsfeed.

The control setting for the snooze is not at all hard. The settings are similar to that of the unfollow or hide tools except for the fact that will not delete any user or friend or group permanently. On the right side of a friend’s or pages’ or group’s post you will now find a snooze button. Once you tap on it a drop down button will show “Snooze for 30 days”, select it and you are done for 30 days. Once the snooze period is about to end, you will receive a notification from Facebook to ‘un-snooze’ that account. However you can also extend the snooze if you want.


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