The One who left us all in Awe-Hawking

2017 was a living nightmare for almost everybody with favorite celebrities passing away. Those who live under the shadows of death are those who live life the most. For Hawking, the premature diagnosis of his terminal sickness did not slow him down in any respect. He made one of the most important contributions to  science, and his name will indeed be forever engraved in all our hearts and minds, and science text books of course.

Here are a few facts about the life of this otherworldly scientist to celebrate what he stood for:

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1. The Mediocre Student

Hawking was never the Grade-A genius in school and his scores never went  beyond the average scores of his contemporaries at St. Albans School. He was called "Einstein" in school by his classmates. He also said that he was incapable to read properly until he was 8 years old. But all of this never stopped him to be a smart student. He built a computer with his friends as a teenager and always showed his inclination to grasp issues of space and time. He also aced his entrances at Oxford and scored a scholarship to study physics at a tender age of 17.

2. The Diagnosis

He was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) after he fell down while ice skating during his initial years as a grad student at Cambridge University. Doctors told him that he had only 2 1/2 years to live. He was subjected to treatment but it got worse with age. In an interview he said "By losing the finer dexterity of my hands, I was forced to travel through the universe in my mind and try to visualize the ways in which it worked."

3. The Equation

If Hawking’s life had to be represented in one equation it would look something like this: 

This formula uses the Newton’s constant (G), Speed of light (C), and other symbols and signs that represent the non-mathematically inclined run for cover, measures of the emissions from black holes that is known as Hawking radiation today. This discovery shook the nerds all over the world, and his career set into a high gear after this. He has stated earlier that he wanted this equation to be carved on his tombstone.

4. The Operation

After having contacted pneumonia while traveling to Geneva in 1985 Hawking did almost die. His wife was given the option to remove him from life support but she rejected the idea and continued to fight with all her might. Hawking went through a tracheotomy; which assisted him to breathe but it took away his ability to talk permanently, which prompted the invention of the legendary speech synthesizer.

5. The Machine

Words Plus a California-based Company fashioned Hawking's original synthesizer which run a speech program named Equalizer on an Apple II computer. As Hawking was no longer able to use his motor skills, the program allowed Hawking to "speak" by means of a hand clicker to select words on a screen. Apart from this, Hawking also had an infrared switch placed on his eye glasses that would generate words by identifying his cheek movement.



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