Things Never Say To A Woman.

Like Sports, Relationships also have unwritten Rules, but certain rules in relationships that are so obvious they really shouldn’t have to be explained. If one of those rules are broken, the offender will have to pay the consequences.

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Saying the wrong thing to your wife or girlfriend? That’s the kind of mistake you’ll be paying for the rest of your life. So pay close attention and please do avoid these things in the future.

Things You Should Never Say

1. “No.”

This is in response to anything she asks you to do. She doesn’t know the meaning of the word unless it comes from her own lips.

2. “Can I Kiss You?”

They hate this. It’s a total mood-killer. Just go for it. If she turns her head or pushes you away, that’s a much better form of rejection than the word, “No.”

3. “That Time Of The Month?”

Or any variation thereof. Do you have a death wish?

4. “Is That What You’re Going To Wear?”

Best case scenario—you’ll be waiting around for an hour while she tries on ten different outfits.

5. “It’s A Guy Thing. You Wouldn’t Understand.”

She’ll think you’re calling her stupid.

6. “How Many Guys Have You Slept With?”

Most of the time, you really don’t want to know.

7. “You Knew I Was Like This.”

Big mistake. You’re not only agreeing that you have a character fault, but you’re also refusing to work on it.

8. “Calm Down”

I assure you, this will have the opposite of the intended effect.

9. “You Don’t Look So Good.”

You might be concerned that she’s sick or didn’t get any sleep, but she looks perfect all the freaking time. Remember that.

10. “Are Your Breasts or Butt Real?”

This is the definition of none of your business.

11. “What Did You Do To Your Hair?”

I don’t care if she shaved her head bald. Tell her you to love it and wait for it to grow back out.

12. “You’re Crazy.”

Even if it’s true, you don’t ever want to say this to a woman’s face. Do it and you’ll see a whole new level of crazy.

13. “Can You Pick Up The Check This Time?”

You cheap bastard, just be a man and pay the bill.

14. “That’s Your Mother Talking.

Comparing her to her mother, especially in a negative light, is the height of idiocy. That’s a complicated relationship, and you don’t know shit about it.

15. “I’m Not In The Mood.”

Just soldier up, my friend. Rejecting your girl’s sexual advances is a good way to get cut off altogether.

16. “I Hate Your Friends.”

You don’t have to love her friends, but if you tell her you to hate them, that’s a personal insult to her.

17. “Are You Sure It’s Mine?”

Nothing good can come of this question. If you have doubts, do you own detective work?

18. “Bitch”

You let this one slip and she’ll hold it over you for the rest of your life. But it’s still not as bad as…

19. “She’s Hot.”

She might try to bait you with a “Do you think she’s pretty?” Don’t fall for it.

20. “Will You Marry Me?”
Just kidding. Sort of. Just try to make sure you only say this once.

21.“Have You Gained Weight?”

That should be a no-brainer. She can criticize your body shape, hers is off-limits.

22. “Are You Really Going To Eat All That?”

You might as well go ahead and call her a fatty. No sex for you.


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