Viral Faces you Might Recall

Arshad khan

He was the blue eyed chaiwala form Pakistan and every girl’s heartthrob! His photos did rounds on social media and the internet really did explode. He soon started receiving modeling contracts and soon after started his modeling career.

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Zeddie Little 
He came to be known as the “religiously photogenic guy” after his pictures form the marathon went viral on the internet. It was quite a random picture someone clicked and uploaded without thinking of the response it would generate.

Irvin Randel

This hunk from Texas became a huge on Instagram with his well toned biceps and salt-pepper beard. He came to be called as the “Mr. Steal You Grandma”.  Who says you can’t grown old with grace and elegance?

Pietro Bosselli

Who would hate math with a teacher like him? He became a huge hit on Facebook when one of his students made a picture of him viral. He is juggling his academic and modeling career now and he is doing great! He is indeed the hottest Math teacher ever!

Saima Hussain Mir

Who does not want a picture with the King Khan himself? But a very few are successful. Saima Hussain Mir happened to be the prominent face when the King himself clicked a selfie in Symbiosis Institute of Designs. After that, everybody started noticing the girl.

Dr. Mike

With his pictures grabbing the attention of girls all around the world, everybody wants to fall sick! He has over 2.6 Million followers on Instagram and its increasing every day. He is possibly the sexiest doctor alive in the history of mankind and nobody seems to get enough of Dr.Mike!

Omar Borkan Al Gala

He has quite an interesting story attached to him. He was deported from Saudia Arabia  for being good looking. This reasons made him quite a viral face on the internet. He soon made it to a modeling career and is doing just fine!

Lee Menwei

This Singaporean airport officer was a huge hit because of his incredible good looks. The internet flooded with his images all over. He even ended up getting a few marriage proposals! We can only guess if he accepted them!

Priya Varrier

She is still a trending sensation while you read this! Her wink along with her expressions has stolen hearts of millions all across. Her debut movie is on its way to be released in March and the internet cannot wait to get more of her!



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