Why are you wearing that Man! 10 Do-Not-Wears for Men!

So, although many guys try to go for regular, nothing special looks, there are a few men who like to experiment. Being bold with fashion means everything, but you should know it can make or break you. This blog lists down a few things that men should never, ever put on themselves or even consider keeping in their closets. So here we go!

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1. Sheer

If you’re asking yourself what is ‘sheer clothing’, then you are already on the right track. Thinking that you look sexy in a little bit of sheer is seriously ridiculous. Even women themselves wear sheer so why would you!?

2. Extremely deep V-necks

I don’t understand why I have to include this point because men don’t even have cleavage. We understand that you must be really proud of your chest hair (we don’t know why though) or maybe your bare chest, but that’s not reason to leave it open for the world to see. This trend of deep V necks has to seriously stop.

3. Saggy pants

I don’t know what kind of person would think that showing two-thirds of your underwear is some kind of fashion statement. Nobody wants to see your underwear! Put on a freaking belt, will you!

4. Oversized or Undersized Clothing

Wearing clothing that is too huge, long for you making you look untidy and awkward. And wearing clothes that are tight, short for you make you look absurd or as if you don’t know the actual size of your body. If you have a paunch then wear a slightly looser shirt, do not wear anything tight on top. Wearing clothes that are tailored to your exact size and shape will make the perfect look.

5. Shiny/Satin Clothing

Wearing shiny shirts or pants that maybe made out of satin or other reflective material will make you look like a shimmery fish. Do you want to look like a fish? If not, and your aim is to be stylish try shirts in classic hues of blue, grey or white.

6. Socks with Sandals

Socks are supposed to be worn only with long pants and closed shoes- because they are meant to be covered! Wearing them with slippers or sandals is the worst thing you could ever do!

7. Square or Long, Pointed toe shoes

I honestly cannot understand what brings men to actually purchase these kinds of shoes. The square ones look like land flippers and the pointy ones are well, pointy! Unless you’re a witch, maybe you should go for simpler and classical oval or circular shaped toes.

8. Unmatched belt and shoes

Wearing a brown belt with black shoes is a big no no! It makes you look unbalanced and untidy. If you are wearing black shoes match it with a black belt. This will make your outfit look well put together and neat.

9. Too much Color

Most guys don’t know which colors suit them or how many colors at a time they can wear. You must choose colors that compliment your skin type so that your shirt doesn’t overpower your face. Also wearing more than 3 colors is wrong. Stick to three colors that all go well together.

10. Too much print

Fashion fails and seems to be in the same sentence plenty of times. That’s because not many men or women know how to wear printed items. Wearing a printed shirt with a printed pant is a fashion sin. But men should also keep in mind the kind and type of print they wear and try to keep it to a minimum. And definitely no floral or cheetah prints please!!! And if you even look at a printed jumpsuit, your fashions’ demise is very close at hand…



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